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10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

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10 movie scenes where actors and actresses really did it on screen.

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5 Actors Who Almost Died on Set:

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10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

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31 thoughts on “10 Actors Who Actually “Did It” On Screen

  1. They are wrong about Shia labeouf and Stacy Martin. Those scenes WERE simulated. The two actors went through the motions but their lower halves were digitally replaced with the lower halves of porn stars hired for those scenes. Anyone else with the criterion special edition of Nymphomaniac pt. 1 and pt. 2 can see this is verified by director and actors

  2. 2:12 totally looks like a fucking creep… Wrote the part specifically for the actress he wanted to get a blow job from…. Ah, smart man…. Dumb actress for falling for it. "art house"…"oh yeah, this blow job scene is very crucial point to the plot… We need you to really get it right, no matter how many takes it may take… We'll do a couple hundred times just to make sure over the course of 1 month of shooting"

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