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10 Celebs Who Let Themselves Go

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Before and after pictures of 10 stars who totally let themselves go. Subscribe:
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People in the public eye face a huge amount of pressure to stay in shape, but sometimes that pressure gets too much and celebs let themselves go. Whether they give up on the diet and eat whatever they like, or give up going to the gym, these celebs gained weight and changed shape. Some of them got considerably heavier, while others developed a paunch and lost their definition. Many worked hard to get back into shape and lose the pounds they’d gained, while some made peace with their situation and accepted they’d never be as thin as they used to be.

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43 thoughts on “10 Celebs Who Let Themselves Go

  1. It's just unhealthy. period. We used to chase down food and get nature's drug as a reward. Now you're all getting played by companies and advertising. Enjoying life or are you turning a blind eye to your health and true happiness?

  2. "Which celebrity let themselves go the most?" You mean who's the fatest? I thought this was a accepting channel.

    Like honestly the way she says it looks like they got less attractive and more unlikable.

  3. No offense but why do women retreat to yoga the hell is yoga gonna do it's just a stupid trend since 2010 back in 05 08 nobody talked or gave af about yoga and now almost all women believe in yoga just exercise your body not try to exercise ur mind only wanna be philosophical people do that.

  4. You're hosting a mean column. In their personal life, they aren't here to please any of us. It's hard enough to keep looking like you're 20 without this kind of bashing. It's called life. Get over it.

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