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10 Celebs Who Went TOO FAR For A Role

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10 Stars who went through extreme body transformations for important movie roles.

Actors dedicate their lives to their work, and there’s no limit to how far some of them will go for the perfect movie role. We’ve seen celebrities gain weight, lose weight, and completely alter their appearance in hopes of receiving praise from their fans and their peers. In our video, we’ll be showing you 10 Celebs Who Went TOO FAR Far for a Role, including stars like Rooney Mara, Jonah Hill, and Natalie Portman. We can’t wait to show you how much they changed all in the name of good entertainment.

50 Cent is known for his catchy rap songs, but he later became known for his alarming weight loss while playing a football player with cancer in the film “All Things Fall Apart.” We have the before and after pictures to show you that will really blow your mind. It’s almost as if his muscles melted away right before our eyes! Chris Hemsworth is another actor who really pushed his body to the limits and debuted a shocking weight loss on Twitter. And Anne Hathaway wanted to make sure her portrayal of a poverty-stricken woman was accurate. So she lost a bunch of weight for the screen adaptation of “Les Misérables.” You have to see her transformation to believe it!

If you’d like to see even more celebrities who went too far for a role, including Renée Zellweger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Matt Damon, please make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these celebs you think went way too far.

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