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50 Kendall Jenner Fashion Outfits That Will Give You LIFE

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Top 50 best Kendall Jenner outfits EVER! Which looks do you prefer?

When Kendall Jenner shows up, she is usually the star of the show. Yes, the young woman is beautiful, but her fashion sense makes her stand out even more. From her red carpet ensembles to her street style, these are 50 Kendall Jenner outfits that gave us fashion envy.

If there is one thing the reality star knows how to rock, that is the red carpet. When it comes to the Met Gala red carpet, the girl brings it. In 2015, Jenner sported a gorgeous army green beaded gown with lace up sides. Not to be outdone, the following year she stopped the show yet again, but this time it was with a Versace cutout dress.

It isn’t just the red carpet that the supermodel slays, she is also an expert in street style. She is often snapped expertly layering basics to create unique one of a kind outfits. Her casual wear staples include high-waist jeans, crop tops, leather leggings, and an assortment of coats. She has nailed the ability to bring all these elements together to make a truly individual signature style.

On of our favorite Kendall Jenner looks is her 2016 Cannes Film Festival red carpet gown. The sheer black dress designed by Cavalli Couture was the envy of every woman who caught a glimpse of it. Even today, months later, we are still dreaming of this gorgeous red carpet ensemble.

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  1. Sorry not trying to throw shade but Kendall doesn't have a hourglass figure. A person with a hourglass figure has a big chest and big booty with a small waist for example Kylie Jenner. Kendall has more of a like rectangular body.

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