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Ariana Grande Upsets Fans After First Concert In Korea

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According to reports, Ari was scheduled to arrive in Korea on August 14th, but her arrival was delayed so she ended up arriving just three hours before showtime on the 15th. This late arrival definitely didn’t make fans happy, especially those who bought $650 VIP tickets so that they could watch a scheduled pre-show rehearsal performance, and attend a planned meet and greet session. That pre-show rehearsal performance ended up being canceled entirely, and the meet and greet was delayed and shortened due to Ari’s late arrival to the country. To rub salt in the wound of upset fans, she also reportedly left the country at midnight that same night.

Many fans took to social media to complain about Ari’s short trip to Seoul, expressing their frustration and disappointment with her quick turnaround. One fan tweeted QUOTE, “Arriving three hours before the show and leaving at midnight. I wonder how much she received for her concert…I want to delete Ariana’s songs I bought on iTunes from my playlist”. Another wrote QUOTE, “How happy do you think she is? Made a quick stop in Korea, no rehearsals, sang for an hour and a half, and cashed in 2.5 billion won”. Meanwhile another angry fan simply wrote QUOTE, “Never come to Korea again”.

Even K-Pop star TaeYeon from Girls’ Generation shared her feelings about Ari’s Seoul stop, writing in Korean on her Instagram QUOTE, “Good performance. In Korea, there’s so much tasty food. Goodbye.” If that translation is correct, we’re pretty sure we’re sensing a hint of sarcasm–or maybe just disappointment–with that food comment.

But despite some fans voicing their frustrations, so far Ari seems to be unaware of the backlash. She took to Instagram to share a short video of her performance along with the caption QUOTE, “Seoul, you were magical. Thank you for your beautiful, loving energy tonight.” Yeah that definitely doesn’t sound like an apology so we’re gonna give Ari the benefit of the doubt and assume she really has no idea how upset some of those fans were.

So what do you guys think about Ari’s late arrival and early exit from Seoul–do you think she’ll issue an apology, or do you think fans are over-reacting and she probably had a good excuse? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and after that click right here to watch Ari completely SLAY a Spice Girls cover. Thanks so much for watching News Feed and as always don’t forget to subscribe! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see ya next time!

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28 thoughts on “Ariana Grande Upsets Fans After First Concert In Korea

  1. Well I'm not sure if she even cares what her fans feel, bt she cancel her concert at Monterrey Mexico the same day of the concert, didn't gave any explanation to fans that spend a lot of money on ticket concert, hotel, travel tickets and all that and no one made a big news about it! Such a shame I used to think she was cool now I'm not so sure

  2. AND TAEYEON WTF SHE DIDNT CALLED HER OUT. In what world she did that?! She's a huge fan and she was honestly sad that Ariana left before she could try all the food and visit all the restaurants! honestly clevver I used to be a fan but they way you manipulate the stories is the worst. THIS CHANNEL IS BS. Ps. HIRE A FUCKING TRANSLATOR NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO CREATE A RUMOR.

  3. Dude I respect Ariana I really do BUT if you're going to skip rehearsal because u didn't anticipate you needed more time that's when NO EXCUSES are accepted. It's not about "these artists are traveling bla bla bla" it's the fact that she sold soundcheck packages and meet&greet so she knew she had to be idk 3 hours before the concert and she wasn't! THATS UNPROFESSIONAL that's it no excuses and it's not because Its Ariana it could be ANY artist. They know their responsibilities and if she or he failed then what are you going to do with the fans?? Return their money?? Yeah I'd like to see ANY artist doing that! They never do that so yeah I TOTALLY agree with the South Korean fans!

  4. Some stupid reporters wrote that Ariana's plane was delayed because she wanted to. I think that's why there are some rude people on her instagram. I'm sure they are not real fans of Ari

  5. When I went to see her in Birmingham, she sang for an hour and a half and I wasn't complaining. It was the best hour and a half ever. Korean people have always got something to complain about tbf.

  6. Lol i think fans are just overreacting. Fans always overreact. You can never make everyone happy. Things don't always go as planned so I'm not mad at her for being late to her own show and people need to realize that she is on a schedule.

  7. they really have no reason to be upset. she never rehearses in front of an audience and her meet and greet wasn't shortened, they're always quick. and who cares if she left right after? were you planning on hanging out with her after?

  8. LOOOOL clevver stop being so damn dramatic. taeyeon liked the damn show, y'all always find a way to make ari look bad lolol. and second, she made up for the meet and greets and nothing was cancelled, the meet and greets were just shortened. god damn y'all running out of ideas or something?

  9. Well, people did spend their money for that so… it should be given what they deserve but if they are happy with it, okay, but for the people who don't have the money and spent it anyways, then they have a right…

  10. The fans should be refunded the portion of the money for the ticket that made it VIP, it needs to be made right. They paid the money for the meet and greet and the preshow and didn't get it — so they need to be reimbursed.

  11. If ariana robbed my house and killed my dog and punched me in the face, i would still be okay with that. And those Korean "fans" bitching about something that wasn't her fault? Smh, fake fans

  12. Everyone should just shut up and be grateful that she even came. People need to understand that Ariana has been travelling all over the world with concert after concert after concert. So what maybe her flight was delayed, stuff happens. Last thing, people should be grateful that she didn't even cancel it, like with some of her other European shows due to the Manchester attack.

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