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Bella Thorne Parties With Scott Disick & Is Ex Gregg Sulkin Dating Her Friend?

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Is Gregg Sulkin Dating One Of Bella Thorne’s Friends?? + is there drama with blackbear? Spotted out with Scott…
After TMZ broke the story that twerk queen Lexy Pantera andGregg Sulkin were dating, all eyes turned to her friend and his ex, Bella Thorne.
Bella and Gregg broke up ages ago, but is she okay with him finding love with someone else?
On Monday new couple Lexy Pantera and Gregg Sulkin stepped to go thrift shopping and the internet freaked out about how Lexy had broken girl code. See, Lexy and Gregg’s ex, Bella Thorne co-starred in a movie last year, so everyone assumed they were friends and that it was NOT right for Lexy to be canoodling with her friend’s former boyfriend. HOWEVER, according to Lexy’s friends, the two aren’t even really that close, and qualified them as “Hollywood kiss kiss” friends and confirmed that they hadn’t even spoken all summer. The rumors were amplified because Gregg was showing up ALL over Bella’s instagram this summer after she whole sure-scott-disick-and-i-were-kissing-in-cannes-but-it’s-not-a-thing thing.
It definitely seems thought that the new pairing isn’t fazing the 19 year old actress, as she definitely seems too busy with her own romantic adventures to care. This week, she was spotted coming out of a Hollywood nightclub with seemingly shy Scott Disick who she has time and time again denied dating. Who knows? Her current beau Blackbear seems to think something’s up though since he tweeted these cryptic neil young lyrics last night. “it doesn’t mean that much to me /to mean that much to you”. Twenty minutes after that tweet, Bella tweeted out: “Dude what the fuck” Now – there’s no way we know for sure if she was responding to him or what the rapper was even talking about, but it sure seems super coincidental, right?

Well, what do you think is going on in the Bella/Blackbear/Scott Disick space? Did Lexy break girl code? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments section below, and after that click right over here to see if Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are actually dating. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lillian, and I’ll see you next time.

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41 thoughts on “Bella Thorne Parties With Scott Disick & Is Ex Gregg Sulkin Dating Her Friend?

  1. This isn't shocking Bella has a boyfriend every week. Maybe she should try to attend to herself for a while, instead of getting into flings and relationship that cause drama.

  2. Oh stop talking about this bitch, no one cares, everyone already knows she is a hoe, she had like 52 boyfriends last month, the way she behaves is disgusting, I don't get why she still got fans! it's sad that some of young girls look up to her

  3. I think it's cool that her friend or not really friend is dating her ex because it's her life and plus Bella also broke it off with him not the other way around then basically a day after she dated her brothers ex for a day then dated his co star then broke it off with him then got sleazy with any boy she could find so if her ex wanted to get cozy with another girl I think it's alright.

  4. Bella is a fucking attention whore I'm tired of hearing about this stupid bitch like she had her fame in shale it up but it's getting annoying she's fucking clawing for attention

  5. Omg it was a year ago get over it Jesus she has her own life( I honestly like Bella) but the media is acting like he and her friend need permission to date ,if that's girl code that's stupid as fuk

  6. I'm not particularly a Bella fan, but what I can say though, is that people dislike her based on how the media portrays her, not based on who she actually is. Who cares if she's dated 4 guys this past year, we all date. Who cares if she has pink hair or dresses the way she does? From what I can see, she's a really chill girl who's just being herself. People forget that she doesn't HAVE to be a role model.
    And I don't think she's actually done anything wrong for the hate she gets.

  7. I love bella and I really hate how people trying to make her seem like a slut and talks about guys she's been with. People don't like her cause she changed past her disney days and don't like her cause she's having fun dating men. You don't have to like somebody but don't let it be for some dumbass reason cause people no good and well she hasn't done anything worth hating her for.

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