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Best & Worst Dressed 2017 Teen Choice Awards (Dirty Laundry)

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Check out some of the best & worst looks from the 2017 Teen Choice Awards on Dirty Laundry.

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31 thoughts on “Best & Worst Dressed 2017 Teen Choice Awards (Dirty Laundry)

  1. I was about to slap the bitches that dissed Logan and compliment Jake. LOGAN HAD THE FUCKING MAVERICK SYMBOL AND JAKE LOOKED LIKE A WANNABE JUSTIN BEIBER!! So in my opinion Logan killed it and Jake can go back to Abercrombie and Fitch and return the clothes.

  2. Actually for the fifth harmony dresses. The girl wearing the purple dress, and the girl wearing the green dress match in a secret way. If you were to look at a color wheel, or just invert the color, there dresses colors switch with one another! They planned there outfit out very carefully.

  3. Let me just say this Jake has not done ANYTHING WRONG he is young adult from Ohio doing something he loved as a joke and it blew up now he's learning how to be responsible every single young adult has gone through this so you have no room to talk. All of the things on YouTube with Logan was all for fun and games they did not take it seriously so everyone BACK OFF!

  4. Welp. What I understand about this video? When those girls can't rock something it is wrong, THE HELL MEN!? REALLY, LOGAN, REALLYYYYYY?!? That cheetah shirt was AWESOME AF, and if you had the opportunity to see the Maverick behind, you would be surprised, I'm not roasting anybody, but bro, you're saying that TEEN CHOICE AWARDS WERE SUMMERY AND ALL THAT STUFF, WHO THE HELL WEARS PIJAMAS ON FREAKING SUMMER?
    Mi opinion is my opinion. JUST SAYING HAHAHAHA

  5. Y'all don't really know about anything that "jake haze been up to lately" bc he has never admitted to doing anything wrong or has never gone into detail about the true story even though he does have a song about the whole situation he just hasn't released it bc he doesn't want to hurt people that were involved that resolved their issues with them

  6. This is my opinion! Honestly they were so into the girls outfit evens Zendaya's. Zendaya actually wore pjs to teen choice awards that's not a style I like. Logan Paul I liked his style it really complemented him and the whole event. I understand it's there opinion but like kinda harsh.

  7. Ok let's be honest here… uh… almost all these outfits sucked. And I'm still bitter we're giving the boy who almost killed his brother by taking the lug nuts off his car, and the boy who brags about 5 good things he's done in his life to make up for the 40 bad ones ANY ATTENTION PLEASE LET THEM FADE OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT SOON IM SICK OF THEIR OWEN WILSON LOOKING MUGS

  8. Jake Paul's face is fatter than I thought just a random realization, also, Milly… oh dear milly, idk what they're talking about but that dress just wasn't cute it looked random and did not fit her very well. And Lucy Hale if it was a different material and different design I might like it but ehhhh. Not really into it. These are just opinions don't get butt hurt.

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