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Biggest Reveals in Pretty Little Liars 7×11

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It’s hard to believe that Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end, but if the first episode of the last season is any indication, it’s gonna be a dramatic ride…

While the girls speculate that Noel may have been A.D., sadly that turns out not to be the case, because A.D. has a big surprise for the liars in the form of a mysterious high-tech board game. The “Liar’s Lament”, as A.D. calls it, displays a little model of Rosewood, incorporates smart phones, and also contains important letters.

Spencer thankfully survived being shot in the last episode, but while she suspects Jenna shot her, the Rosewood PD explain that the gun Jenna had doesn’t match the bullet that hit her.

Another huge Spencer reveal that we got in the episode is that Mary Drake is Spencer’s real mother. Apparently Mary had a tryst with Spencer’s dad, who thought Mary was her twin sister Jessica at the time of the affair. When Spencer confronts Veronica about this, Veronica confirms it but assures Spencer she has loved her as her own since the moment she held her. That doesn’t exactly produce a Hallmark moment, though

After all the mama drama, Spencer gets a text from A.D. telling her to play the board game if she wants to get closer to her mother, which she does. The game has her play truth or dare, and dares her to visit Toby at the hospital, where he was waiting for Yvonne to wake up from her coma. After reassuring Toby that his fiancee would wake up and they would all get out of Rosewood eventually, Spencer goes back to the game and it rewards her with a letter Mary had written to her child, explaining that she did everything on purpose but asking for forgiveness.

While the other Liars had less dramatic ordeals to contend with, they’re all definitely struggling with their own personal lives.

Ezra turned up and asked Aria to stay, despite Nicole being found alive. Aria starts her wedding planning despite the fact that Ezra hasn’t told Nicole about her, and runs into her old friend Holden in the process. Though disappointed that she’s getting married to her high school teacher, Holden offers to help Aria plan the wedding of her dreams. But as she realizes that she and Ezra haven’t discussed any definitive plans for their nuptials, she and Holden run into Ezra, who tells her he’s going back to New York to visit Nicole in rehab, at the request of her parents.

Um, good that goodbye peck have been anymore awkward??

Meanwhile Hanna focuses on her fashion career after on-again boyfriend Caleb reassures her that he will focus on tracking down Jenna. She gets a little help from Mona in finding her first high-profile client to design a dress for, but Mona’s motives in helping her are more than a little suspicious to Hanna, for obvious reasons.

After the girls discover that Spencer has played the board game, Hanna tries to stab it but it suddenly starts showing footage of the girls digging up Rollins, proving once again that A.D. is never short of blackmail material for the Liars.

Alison, meanwhile, laments over being pregnant with her dead con man’s husband, as well as having to work with Paige and Emily at the school. Emily confronts Alison about her constantly playing the victim, and about her true motive behind that kiss…

And finally, we see Jenna sipping on tea in a dark room, asking A.D. to explain the game. So A.D. gives her a big braille book, and as Jenna reads it it’s obvious she’s more than satisfied with the villain’s endgame.

Okay guys now I wanna know what you thought of the final season’s premiere episode–what do you expect to come from the rest of the season? Sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts, and be sure to subscribe for more News Feed. Thanks for tuning in, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time!

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