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Brad Paisley – Celebrity

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Brad Paisley’s official music video for ‘Celebrity’. Click to listen to Brad Paisley on Spotify:

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Someday I’m gonna be famous, do I have talent, well no
These days you don’t really need it thanks to reality shows
Can’t wait to date a supermodel, can’t wait to sue my dad
Can’t wait to wreck a Ferrari on my way to rehab

‘Cause when you’re a celebrity
It’s adios reality
You can act just like a fool
People think you’re cool
Just ’cause you’re on TV
I can throw a major fit
When my latte isn’t just how I like it
When they say I’ve gone insane
I’ll blame it on the fame
And the pressures that go with
Being a celebrity

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42 thoughts on “Brad Paisley – Celebrity

  1. I hate celebrities that live like this, their famous, they got money, they can do what they want. I like the celebrities that live normals lives, but still hold their status.

  2. LOL! 😀 Sometimes when I've repeated the order back to the customer, said "If your order is correct on the screen, that'll be $#.## at First Window", greet the customer at the window and say "Hi, you ordered a hot drink?", they say yes, then I get called up to the second window because the customer says I screwed up their order, I find this video extremely soothing.

  3. If you watch this music video on GAC it looks like it does now on YouTube if you've watched this music video on CMT in 2003 at the beginning of the video it said Brad Paisley was a Drive Thru Trainee which you can't see in this version of the video.

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