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Celebrity Deaths 2016

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6 thoughts on “Celebrity Deaths 2016

    1. NOOOOOO omg are you joking,,wow.Y’know that’s exactly what happened in my
      family when I was a kid .My mum’s sister died of cancer Christmas 80 and
      she’d been staying with us .The next day my mum was up at her late sister’s
      house trying to sort stuff out and I was 13 and left with my grandmother
      and it was my nan’s 78th birthday.Next minute my nan starts to clutch her
      chest and being a 70’s kid we got told nothing esp here in the UK kids were
      kids.Anyway she had an enormous heart attack and we ended up having 2
      coffins side by side .it was .Fucking crazy !! The awful thing is I don’t
      know why but I piss myself at funerals ,LOL.maybe I have a screw loose lol

  1. This has been the worst year of my life and you have made me laugh. Thank
    you. And thank you for not dissing George Michael. I can dish it out but I
    can’t take it.

  2. I hope that was satire for your sake when you said you’d sell your soul to
    the devil for money. And no I’m not what you’d call religious as you are
    not either. I don’t believe in the devil in the traditional sense, but
    there are consequences. Long term consequences to selling your soul.

  3. I got gestational diabetes when I was pregnant. Later it came back. It’s
    genetic also in my family. I’m not as slim as I used to be because of the
    insulin I take, but I got type 2 when I was barely overweight. Also, I
    rarely ate candy and stuff so I know that’s not what caused it. Mine came
    on because of genetics I think.

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