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20 thoughts on ““CELEBRITY GOSSIP” — Nicole Murphy Swindled? / Mariah Carey’s Sister / No VMA’s Sorry

  1. Taylor Perry it's alright don't judge he's great and a wonderful am fine with that he'll it's slot of forks that are gay and out here acting like there not people need to mine your business shit they better worries about trump being in that white house then Taylor Perry being gay …….A BLACK women has spoken I love you Taylor Perry God Bless….

  2. Yes Mimi has tried to help her many times she is a drunk an she has helped her,, an she tries to back maria into corners to get her money I don't remember why she's sick but it has to do with alcohol this is not a sweet sister team Mariah

  3. Troy was also Nicole's good friend for many, many years. They're both from my home town in Sac CA, Troy just recently pleaded guilty in Federal Court here in Sacramento. He also swindled the bank with fake paperwork and the bank is being sued as well

  4. Concerning Mariah Carey and her sister, helping family is not something we have to do. When we work and earn our money it is our money. Is it nice to help your family when they are in need yes it is. Sometimes family feel you owe them just because you have something they don't. I'm on Mariah's side because its her money. Maybe she helped before and this sister wasted it under the notion she can get money anytime she wants it. Sister take responsibility for yourself.

  5. Nicole always appeared to me to be a smart hell brilliant woman. This man did not take advantage of her without her knowledge. Maybe they were having an affair or something but no way no how 7million dollars is stolen and you are unaware. Just my take on it.

  6. Did he only do this to Nicole Murphy? I have a husband. We have been married for 23 years. I still have my own account, you hear me. I check that shit daily. I cannot believe losing 7 million. I would take an insurance policy out on his ass for 8 million and kill his ass.

  7. mariahs sister is a prostitute and she helped her sooo many times with rehab and getting her a place to stay but she keeps relapsing. she had to stop being an enabler. you can't keep helping nobody that don't wanna be helped

  8. Wow  feel bad for Nicole that's a lot of money to lose hopefully, she will bounce back and Eddie will help her with finding the right people to manage her finances. As far as Mariah, I feel like her sister is going to have to take responsibility for her actions because I think Mariah has helped her over the years and she has betrayed Mariah by selling stories in the beginning of her career. Let's hope everything works out 🙂 I really enjoy your videos have a beautiful day.

  9. Definitely Do Feel Sorry For Nicole lf This ls True & SHE ls NOT Able To Recoup HER Finances.  This ls Why "People" Need To Be Business Savy & NOT Just Take 1 Financial Person's Advice.  As Well As Let The Advisor Work For YOU 1st Don't Give Them All of YOUR Cash Upfront Give A Portion & Let Them Show YOU The Profit or Loss.  Don't Just Be Willy Nilly With The CASH.  As Far As Mariah's Sister-I'm Sure WE Don't Know The Full Story & I'm Sure Mariah Has Tried Several Times To Assist HER Sister as Well As Get HER Help.  But When Enough Becomes Enough "Sometimes YOU Gotta Let Go & Let Live"  lt May Sound Harsh But "Everyone Makes Their OWN Choices ln Life"  & Just Because I'm Famous & Have The $$$  Doesn't Mean YOUR Automatically Gonna Have lt, Get lt, or Be Given lt

  10. I feel so sorry for such a sweet, beautiful woman. She's always been such a classy and loving mother and that slug didn't care about her or her children. He needs to have every limb broken, back broken and be in a wheelchair for the rest of his disgusting life. As if what Michael Stratham hadn't hurt her enough with his slimy ass, now this asshole takes advantage of her. I hope and pray Karma kicks his ass.

  11. I'm not a Oprah fan,but she does tell everyone to keep up with their own money..How is he going to pay it back and he is stealing from her.This is tragic!!! Got to be more careful.

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