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Death Wish | Official Trailer

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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents director Eli Roth’s reimagining of the classic 1974 revenge thriller DEATH WISH. Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of Chicago violence when it is rushed into his ER – until his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and college-age daughter (Camila Morrone) are viciously attacked in their suburban home. With the police overloaded with crimes, Paul, burning for revenge, hunts his family’s assailants to deliver justice. As the anonymous slayings of criminals grabs the media’s attention, the city wonders if this deadly vigilante is a guardian angel or a grim reaper. Fury and fate collide in the intense, action-thriller DEATH WISH.

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Death Wish | Official Trailer

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32 thoughts on “Death Wish | Official Trailer

  1. Death Wish is about a guy who becomes a vigilante not because he wants justice, but just because he gets a thrill out of shooting people. In the book and original movie, the main character doesn't even get revenge. The original punks get away

  2. So I read through the top 50ish comments amd what the hell does this movie have to do with anything political? Like, have none of you seen the original movie? Or the 4 sequels that it spawned? The more actual news I see in conjunction with so many stupid off the rails comments on social media just makes me question the intelligence of most of the populace of America. Its a fucking movie, get over yourselves for christs sake.

  3. A lot of white nationalist here for some reason… Crawl back to your mother's basement. You people already lost decades ago, why do you think you can be relevant again?

  4. Wow there isn't a hint of actual insight in these comment sections, simply hate. There's a lot of repressed anger and jealousy among people and I hope one day we can all come together and understand one another. Hate stems from misunderstanding and I hope we all can make the effort to try and understand each other.

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