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Did Blac Chyna Make A Dig At Rob Kardashian In New Music Video?

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Blac Chyna is starring in brand new music video for Belly’s P.O.P. song. And it appears like Chyna is seen in the video wearing white lacy lingerie and a huge fur coat while lip syncing to the P.O.P. song which stands for “Power of _____” you can fill in the blank on that one.

Towards the end of the video Chyna rolls her eyes as Belly raps, “You were seduced by her sin/ Don’t let lucifer in/ She took you for everything/ You let her do it again.” Take a look.

People think this was Chyna’s way of sending a message to Rob- that she seduced him and it worked. Although she hasn’t confirmed that it was a direct dig at him…we aren’t stupid. Well I just hope the judge takes this not so subtle hint into consideration during their legal battle. The song is literally about someone having the power of ____ to get what they want and it makes me kind of mad. What are your thoughts? Let just say she is talking about Rob… who is in the wrong? Rob for not being smarter or Chyna for using him. Hit the comments below and when you’re done with that click here to check out if Kim was lying about her age. Thanks for watching Clevver News I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi I’ll see you soon.

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39 thoughts on “Did Blac Chyna Make A Dig At Rob Kardashian In New Music Video?

  1. Its funny because Belly made this song way before that drama even happened with Rob and Chyna.. He's smart for putting her in the video tho cause its definitely getting lots of attention aha

  2. CHYNA USED HIM!!! Can somone explain what he did wrong by "falling in love". And this song is pretty accurate the pussy has a lot of power over guys but I haven't heard all of the song so I don't know to what extent is its disgust.

  3. She is just the video vixen so how is it that she is being blamed for the lyrics that someone else wrote. If she used him, he was down because even after knowing she was with other men he was buying her everything trying to keep her. He's grown he knew what he was doing!! Not taking sides because she does what she does and they both were wrong!

  4. That song is disgusting and completely objectifies women to the point of saying that, "Yeah my vagina is pretty powerful. I can make men do whatever I want with it." That's one of the stupidest things I've ever had to hear. How about your personality? Your mind? Your heart? Your soul? Do you have any power in that Blac Chyna? Because apparently you don't and for the first song you decided to star in, that's the message you went with?
    That's not power. That's lowering yourself to a really sad level.
    Having power is knowing who you are in your soul and mind and heart…loving yourself despite your internal flaws, quirks, and shortcomings and rejoicing in your strengths, passions, and skills. That's power and character. Both of which I guess you decided to sell for some paper and fleeting fame…shame.

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