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34 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Mel B on Why She Threw Water at Simon Cowell During Emotional ‘AGT’ Episode

  1. I've lost all respect for her when i heard that she actually considers herself as a "goddess" for woman to put themselves up on a pedestal like that. Yeah your just a rich azz woman that thinks she's better then anybody.

  2. I would thrown my chair at him. That is so insensitive and ignorant! I haven't been in an abusive relationship but have had abusive parents and if someone were to say something like that to me, I would be throwing every curse word and object in the room at them.

    So I don't understand why people are being so rude towards mel b. She had every reason to do what she did. It's quite annoying when someone you loved treated you unfairly and you had the guts to report it (I didn't but my sister did) and then some stupid person decides to make fun a a situation which you were most vulnerable in!

  3. i feel as if simon was trying to make a joke, but it ended up not being funny because mel b's relationship was a serious matter and not something to joke about. i love simon, although he can be rude, he is the best judge on the show because he has a real eye for talent.. but he doesn't have an eye for respecting people's emotions.

  4. Haidi is such stupid bitch claps like a retard and makes some monkey noise then gets wet and runs away!!these people are ugly and retarddd they don't belong in Hollywood !mel b looks like a yellow hot dog !!what the fuck is that hair??and why she looks yellow instead of black??no wonder her husband divorced her ass!!

  5. lol, i see some feminists here defending mel, and saying that she should have done worse to simon. if it was the other way around, you would never hear the end of it, and the man would lose his career and be demonized for throwing something at a women. i'm a woman, but i hate modern feminism

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