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22 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Who ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay’s Contestants Think She Should Choose May Surprise Y…

  1. First I was all in – Team Bryan. Checking the available videos, Switch – Team Peter. Solid and serious, He says he could see him a great dad to Copper! No family drama. I thought his mother took her Q from him. Well, we shall see. But really I don't see Peter on breaking down and begging to see her again the next day. Show clips are dangerous. Funny how the camera works. Conversation will be off the chain on Tuesday.

  2. I know for some odd reason most people dislike Bryan but out of all of them not only does he really want her they also have this undeniable chemistry. But overall I believe she should have chosen Kenny

  3. Eric is the real deal, no mind games….Bryan too fast too furious and Peter playing hard to get. Guess as others are saying she is into white dudes….her life her choice…

  4. She's going to pick Bryan. Day one she has had the best sexual chemistry with him and anytime they're around each other she always wears that watch. But his mom is gonna give her problems down the road.

  5. I'm envisioning Peter balling in the limo as he's getting sent home. Lets see his acting chops go to work. Peter the Poser just want's the fame. Please BNation don't waste our time and… you are going to lose viewers by making him next Bachelor #Don'tPickPeter. Go Black, Go Kenny, #DoTheRightThing = or better yet = If Eric loses = Make Eric the next Bachelor. Although Kenny and that smile would be an amazing choice for the show and his daughter would really bring in the family dynamic and can we just say how lovely and wonderful Kenny's daughter is:) He's a GREAT DAD:) Big Time:) and a great man. He's has it all:) And he even made piece with Lee. Poor Lee has so much work ahead of him, but I think the show opened his eyes and could be a positive in the end. Ok that's my 2 cents:) #AvisWrentmoreActressModelPhotographer PhotographyByAvis is my place to see my amazing photos and not I did not write this to give a plug. I am a huge fan of BN:) it's my #GuiltyPleasure

  6. I don't get all these Peter fans. Rachel has said it over and over again. She wants someone who wants what she wants and want it with her. The point is Peter is not on the same page with her. If it's Peter, eric or bryan, so far as she is happy . I want her with Bryan cos he handles her well, but the decision is hers. Whoever she chooses we should all congratulate and wish her well

  7. She is in love with anything WHITE, I am surprised she didn't cut all the Black guys in the first episode. Eric is just there to appease people, but he is in love with Whiteness and wants mixed babies.

  8. Prediction. Peter first strike out = down to Bryan and Eric = I hope it's Eric, but we know it's Bryan. Everyone thinks Peter should be the next Bachelor and I feel like it's the main reason he went on the show, but please don't pick him, he's just so DARN BORING and has zero to bring to the table. Pick Kenny:) he would be the most fun and he's age ready:) And HeLLO BNation he's got to be our First AA Bachelor and Black White or Blue Kenny is an Amazing man with a big personality:) who is so right for the show:)

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