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FANTASTIC BEASTS Easter Eggs & Harry Potter Connections

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Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them has a bunch of easter eggs and references linking to the Harry Potter movies. Dumbledore, Grindlewald, Newt Scamander and the potential sequels. Thanks for watching!

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44 thoughts on “FANTASTIC BEASTS Easter Eggs & Harry Potter Connections

  1. Just a little note: Leeta Lestrange is not related with Bellatrix by blood, as Bellatrix got the Lestrange name through marriage, she was born in the Black family 🙂

  2. Did you know that Daniel Radcliffe,Rupert grint and Emma Watson is in the 1st fantastic beasts movie if you didn't see them watch it again and keep your eyes open…

  3. I really hope the Dumbledore/Grindelwald storyline doesn't become the main focus…I'd much rather watch a series about Newt and his adventures and new friends. I mean…That's kin what they got people into now, it'd be odd to change it so drastically.

  4. Everyone forgets about the fact that the veil and the killing potion must be related because they are both used to kill and there both liquid like and also the potion doesn't melt it melts the seat not the body they take the body's away to be discarded of soo yeeeee any way I want the next one I want queeny to die (this may sound wrong and mean but keep reading and you will understand) then newt and Tina are really sad
    Then they find out it was a grindall wald follower then they go try and find the reall queeny whith newts beast but they find credence as well and credence try to do the crusieatas cures on them but it back fires and drives credence to the point of killing him self by avada
    Kadavraing himself then after that I don't care

  5. Fun fact about Quodpot: Abraham Peasegood a British wizard was travelling to meet fellow wizards in North America and show then how to play Quidditch. Unfortunately the Quaffle he had packed came into contact with his wand in his travelling case and when he took it out and threw it around it exploded in his face. This gave him an idea and he set about creating the game of Quodpot; the teams must get the Quod to the end of the pitch and into a cauldron of a solution that will stop it exploding. If the ball explodes in a player's face they will be disqualified.

    Also, I didn't mind Credence’s haircut I thought it looked good, but I don't have a sense of good haircuts. I planned giving myself a bowlcut like his but I decided against it.

  6. Credence Barebone is meant to look like sad faced silent star Buster Keaton. Sen. Shaw definitely looks like 1920's NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker who was kicked out of office in 1929 by NYS Governor FDR. Shaw Sr. played by Voight is probably William R Hearst, media star who overextended himself buying up mansions & castles who let Hitler & Göring write unanswered columns in his paper. Voight's movie character gives a fundraiser to reelect his son the Senator which ends in death by Credence in beast mode. In real life, Voight gave the intro speech to Trump's Presidential inauguration celebration. I don't wish for the same result. Something less nasty.

  7. I think I just figured it out maybe jk Rowling is a slut upper class posh tart who wants to be fucked up the arse by Gandalf the grey because we all kno Gandalf would kick Voldemorts ass any day and any of those gay little wizards who start crying like little bitches ohh Harry dont please

  8. I thought the idea of easter eggs that they are supposed to be 'hidden' in the movie, like the Pixar ones? These are obvious to any Potter fan :p I am actually less interested in fantastic beasts and more interested in the grindelwald and deathly hallows history. That would have made a better movie.

  9. eh.. merlin's beard..
    think for muggles like us: we use "oh my god" to exclaim.
    so like the creator of muggles .. aka God. (wtv atheists.)
    Probably with reference to Merlin from 'ancient' past of Arthus.. u know.. Merlin the wizard?
    the creator (or first) of wizards.


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