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Grace VanderWaal – Gossip Girl (iHeartRadio Live Sessions on the Honda Stage)

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Grace VanderWaal performs “Gossip Girl” at iHeartRadio Live Sessions on the Honda Stage

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42 thoughts on “Grace VanderWaal – Gossip Girl (iHeartRadio Live Sessions on the Honda Stage)

  1. i just cant help but notice the guy on the left side….he just kept looking at his phone and all i could think of was " come on dude cant you see the beautiful human veing that is singing like a fliffin GODDESS!?"…….

  2. I hope everyone that wronged her knows that they made her famous and if they just showed a little empathy, maybe they would be up on that stage with her.

  3. im gonna get hate for this but her voice makes my ears bleed ,it sounds like she only has half a voice and that her voice cracks every word she says and dont say im jealous because i can sing 10 times better then her and i know so many people agree with me so ha

  4. (please no hate) tbh I don't really think her other songs' lyrics make much sense lol but I feel this one's a bit more… fitting…? idk how to say it haha but

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