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Here’s How Taylor Swift Thanked The Company Who Supported Her During Trial

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Taylor Swift surprises the company who supported her with encouraging post it notes throughout her entire trial.
And she did it in classic Taylor Swift Fashion
Taylor just won her sexual lawsuit against David Mueller, a radio DJ who grabbed her inappropriately during a Denver meet and greet. We can only imagine the stress of this kind of trial, especially with the whole world watching. Luckily for Tay, she has an amazing system of support.
One of those systems in particular, was a crafts company called Craftsy. Each day of the trial, employees would set up post it notes to spell out encouraging lyrics to Taylor’s songs. Some of the lyrics spelled out were “Begin Again,” “Fearless,” and “People throw rocks at things that shine.”
Though it was a small gesture, it definitely took time and did not go unnoticed by our favorite pop star. Right after her victory, Tay surprised the company by sending over several flower bouquets, along with a note thanking them for QUOTE “brightening my day for every day I was in Denver.”
Another individual who showed their support for Tay was none other than Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton. After Taylor’s win, Hillary favorited a tweet about Taylor’s victory, saying QUOTE “Taylor Swift is doing this to show every girl that they don’t have to tolerate sexual assault. Thank you @Taylorswift13!”
I absolutely love seeing all of this support for our girl Tay and hopefully now that this case is over, there will be some new T-Swizzle music in our near future. But I want to hear from you guys. What do you think about Taylor’s little surprise? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to see what Taylor did after winning her lawsuit! Thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time.

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23 thoughts on “Here’s How Taylor Swift Thanked The Company Who Supported Her During Trial

  1. I do love Taylor alot and I do NOT think it's ok for a man to slap a woman. But seriously? A man literally fucking slapped her I don't think it's the end of the world. But again I'm not saying it's right but it took her four years to go to court and win it that's all I'm saying it could of been taken out of contex

  2. Honestly i know im gonna sound crazy believe me if you want or don't i don't care but i have strong feelings and vibes about people and situations and im ALWAYS right about them. I have a stroooong feeling he didn't do it. Yeah the picture shows his hand super low but not high enough to be on her butt. It looked more so on her upper thigh. Also you don't need to have strong vibes about people to see her intentions, why wait like 4 years to speak out if you're that hurt by the situation like she claims? She never raised awareness to sexual assalt, never even hinted anything about it or hinted that shes broken or anything before and never said anything untill now? It makes no sense. Also even if it were true that she felt so uncomfortable ect. Then why lie and say he lifted her dress when clearly he didn't? Why fabricate? Makes her argument so much weaker. Also she claims that the "butt touch" lasted for a long time which im gonna assume is minutes… A photo only takes 10 seconds or less to take…. Thats not a long time taylor. Also why would he just do that internationally infront of a camera where people are taking pictures of it and can use it against him. Her shows her just feeling normal like she would be while taking any picture, it doesnt show her feeling the way she claims to have felt in the moment, even if it were a fake smile you can see its clearly just a regualr normal smile. Only reason she won is because she has more money and fame than the DJ has. I don't understand why out of no where she does this. Real sexual assalt victims don't fabricate/exaggerate the story and don't wait 4 years to speak up about a butt touch. Nobody but her young ass teenage fans belive her storry that doesn't add up btw.

  3. les hommes ne sont pas toujours coupables de tout. Dans votre monde de liberté sexuelle de potins de rumeurs de production de Femmes Startifiées glorifiées un égarement prends des proportions infinies. Il y a des garçons bien qui ont été abandonné par leur copine Femme. Il y a aussi le comportement d'homme incontrôlé machiste a une époque les Femmes aimaient ses hommes là les préféraient aux timides aux poètes. Croire en Dieu !!! pour remplacer l'homme et la Femme ? 17 août 6h13'

  4. Of course he did it. Just look at the photo. She did what she had to do to show all of the young women that they do not have to put up with that shit. We should be proud of her.

  5. Taylor can be just sitting on her couch, living her life and minding her own business and people on the Internet are just gonna keep talking shit about her.

    That. Is. Sad.

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