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Horror Hit Can’t Save Summer Box Office — Charting with Dan

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Annabelle Creation opens strong, but can’t save Hollywood’s low summer box office. Dan Murrell breaks down the numbers with Roth Cornet.

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46 thoughts on “Horror Hit Can’t Save Summer Box Office — Charting with Dan

  1. In your analysis of theater numbers you guys really need to start focusing on the theater-going experience itself. Look toward innovation in the space with things like Alamo drafthouse, concessions, seating, reservations, etc.

  2. It aint Hollywood. The average movie going American is poor and can't afford movie tickets (10 to 20 dollars per ticket) every weekend or even once a month anymore. Movie tickets are now a luxury and not a go to fun thing like it used to be. I myself don't care about reviews I watch SJN for Movie Fights and breaking new on movies I want to see. Trust me as soon as I can pay $6 to watch Baby Driver On Demand I will because I enjoy Edger Wright films but not enough to spend grocery money on a movie ticket.

  3. you have been hinting a discussion about return of money but there have been no charts about it at all.

    Here is an idea. How about instead of focusing on box office you focus on ratings. Give us the top 10 movies by rating or even a top 25 and compare it with last year. US seems to be spending a little bit less money on movies this year but is it getting worse movies than last year?

  4. More videos like the Rotten Tomatoes video would be great.

    I would love to see the Chinese cinema landscape explained.
    It seems super internal, how does it relate to Hong Kong cinema etc. I don't know nearly enough to even suggest what to look at.

    The business of film festivals. Again, I don't know what I don't know.

    Anime, Video games etc. are they viable IP's for movies?

    Still love SJN and the SJU craziness though.

  5. If there was one Bollywood movie I had to suggest to any foreigner it would be '3 Idiots'
    But I don't know how well it would translate (both the jokes and the culture). Could you guys please watch it and share your views?

  6. I'm now totally hooked on these charts shows with Dan Murrell and Roth Cornet! Please make these for the big parts of the yearly movie season, spring, summer and fall (and around the release of Thor and Star Wars). If I look deep at the summer movie releases, I see a few huge "traditional tent pole mega blockbusters" a few surprises- 'Get Out', 'Boss Baby', 'Baby Driver',among others, and a lot of disappointing and low par movies. In past summers there would be better competition from comedy and kid's movies. 'Snatched', 'Rough Night', 'Bay Watch', and 'The House' all failed to offer competition to the summer action movies and lost lots of money. 'The Smurfs:..', 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid:…', and 'Cars 3' all underperformed and failed to bring large numbers of families to theaters (where the adults would watch one of those comedy movies while the kids would watch their movie). We were given too many movies early in the summer that were nearly obvious stinkers or that just had no appeal to large audiences 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword', 'Bay Watch', 'Alien:Covenant', 'The Mummy' among other noteable huge failures. Those combinations and a seeming burn out on the long running "franchises" seem to me to be guiding reasons as why the summer box office is down. I'm actually pretty surprised that the numbers weren't lower domestically,summer and overall. I wanted these late July and August movies to do better. I really liked 'Dunkirk' and 'War For The Planet Of The Apes' and wished 'Valerian…' was worth seeing (imho). And maybe the decline in importance of a 'cinema' experience, home viewing, and the year round release schedule have drawn some of our attention from summer movies. But I'm with Dan, I want the most movies possible to be good. Hollywood should take this as a warning to spend less on the "franchises" and make more lower cost but higher quality movies. #chartingwithdan #ijustridethecharttrain Box office Mojo maybe holding back on listing Wolf Warrior 2, till after the Chinese lift the summer movie release moratorium. Just my thoughts. Oh snap , +Roth Cornet, you never did tell us about the Minions easter egg in another movie…

  7. I just cant afford to see movies all the time. I usually wait now (unless it's something like spiderman or justice league) till I can rent it for 5 bucks and watch it at home…and then buy It later on blu ray if I really liked it.

  8. Loved Baby Driver! Though a friend of mine put it really well. There something about the American performances and American accents that changed the Edgar Wright dialogue to make it feel less Edgar Wright-y.

    The filmmaking is phenomenal, but the dialogue felt different. Didn't have the same British zing too it. Felt very Americanized. Take that anyway you choose.

    Though comparing to Scott Pilgrim (a Canadian-British film, that still captured that zanny-ness) I find Baby Driver's difference interesting.

  9. I completely disagree that Baby Driver was the most Edgar Wright film. I enjoyed it as a movie, but it felt surprisingly conventional for me (apart from the Tequila scene – that was exceptionally shot)

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