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How Can Fans Demand Better Films Of Hollywood? – AMC Movie News

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Eric Long writes: Hello sons and daughters of AMC. Love you guys you do a good show. Do you think there is anything we can do as fans to demand Hollywood to give us better films? There are a lot of films that make a lot of money at the box office where are majority of people think they are horrible, of course it’s hard to tell because after you see the movie the studio has your money, and it was wasted on a bad film should we rely on word-of-mouth & someone just takes the bullet for the bad movie and let the rest of us know whether to go see it?

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15 thoughts on “How Can Fans Demand Better Films Of Hollywood? – AMC Movie News

  1. There have been plenty of film-makers where the people involved didn't care about the film they were making.

    The Twilight films. Warner Bros with DC aside from Batman (they feel obligated to compete with Marvel), The Amazing Spider-Man, Transformers etc.

  2. I feel like I'm that kind of moviegoer that it's in the realm between blindedly seeing a movie and trusting a critic's take on a movie, with a focus more towards the former. Nowadays in college, I barely get to see a movie and will probably get to see Captain America 2 around Easter, but there are some nights when I go to a theater nearby my campus that plays a variety of films, mostly being independent ones, which are the ones I love going to see blindedly. I did this with Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version), The Road, Trollhunter, and more recently, Prisoners. I absolutely knew nothing of the 3 except seeing one trailer for Prisoners. Other than that, I went in with no knowledge of how these films were going to go and came out loving them. 

    I'm trying my best to apply this approach with mainstream films that I could probably manage doing with (trying with the new Godzilla, leaving no trace of the 1998 version in my mind when I watch this one), but for the ones I know it would be impossible to do so with (Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America, Transformers, etc.), I'll go and just enjoy them since they mostly come out during that period of time of the year where we've had a full day of relaxing during the summer and want to just chill with some popcorn and drinks during some action flick. 

    I guess the only way you could influence Hollywood to make better films than what they're doing would be to, like you guys said, vote with your wallet, but I guess I draw a line with action films in the summer that I know will happen no matter what we do. A thing Hollywood could improve on would be them making trailers in the way the new Godzilla's first few were like and how the one for Interstellar went. I love how in the comments of those trailers, some people seemed to forget the type of trailer they were seeing and we're complaining how they didn't really get anything from the trailer. Hopefully more and more movies start following the trend of teaser trailers as their first ones and gradually have ones that start to reveal a little more of a movie trailer by trailer, until you have either movie itself or those 30 second TV spot ones that are a blend of all the teaser trailers rather than a final trailer that just shows everything.

    Other than that, the only thing I could think of would be the price of admission, especially for IMAX 3D films that sometimes range between about $15-20 per person. I've seen some say that it's the reason why there's a fairly big torrenting community or rather a big Netflix/Hulu community where it's mostly people waiting for the big name films to come to the sites where one can watch 20 of those films all for monthly price of around $8-10 instead of spending around $300-400+.

  3. It all comes down to one's personal opinion, Eric.  Movies that YOU feel are bad, may not be bad to someone else.

    As an example, I just saw someone within these comments say that they basically felt "Captain Phillips" was bad.  I, on the other hand, felt it was AWESOME.

  4. Eric Long, it's all opinionated. Do people really believe in Hollywood studioheads are like oh this will really piss of Eric and his computer back home. No actor, director, studio has anything to gain from making a "bad film"….. 

  5. Because you should watch only high budget Hollywood movies…? I guess… What kind of a question is that? Who are we to demand form them better movies and why should they listen. it's great, they may complain and theaters may be closing but by the numbers every other movie earns billion dollars… If you don't like them, just watch independent stuff, go to festivals instead. 

    That system was never great, they always made lots of shitty movies, somewhere in there there is a good one and those become classics. Only reason there were so many good movies made in 70's is because studios were trying to get their shit together so they didn't really know what they were making, and by the time they would realize what they have done it would be too late because movie is way too far into production. All of that changed in the 80's which was for me one of the worst decades for movies (it has it's charm but a lot of crap was made), in the 90's a lot of indy filmmakers found a way to kind of be 'independent' but also be in the system (it's weird how independent movies are not really independent but just another way of saying 'artzy'), and these past few years only thing studios want is to make as much movies that will make 1 billion, and 1 billion formula was set up by The Dak Knight in 2008 (if it's an adaptation of a comicbook, is 'really dark and realistic' and has a main protagonist kind of fucked up because of a family tragedy (or just fucked up protagonist/antagonist)). Worked only once but it became really boring really fast… 

  6. The logic I do is try to just see/watch anything that just interests me. And after that I will see what other people think. I follow a lot of different reviewers (some I like, some I don't) and after seeing a movie I'm interested in hearing what they think.

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