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45 thoughts on “Is Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Friends’ About Selena Gomez? Here’s What We Dug Up!

  1. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. ITS NOT ABOUT SELENA, JUSTIN HAS HUNG WITH OTHER GIRLS, MAYBE ITS ABOUT HAILEY, OR A MISTERIOUS GIRL, BUT NOT ABOUT SELENA JUSTIN IS OVER HER ALREADY, WHY DON'T Y'ALL GT OVER JELENA TOO? HE EVEN GAVE US PROVES, WHEN?1. LAST YEAR WHEN HE EXPOSED HER, it's obvious that he was totally done with her, when she commented on Justin's pic of him and Sofia. 2. A pap asked him if he would be back with sel he screamed "NO" isn't this enough to think that he's already over her? PLEASE STOP NOT EVERYTHING JUSTIN DOES IS FOR HER.

  2. I knew this song about selena before is out because when selena went into rehap she disconnected everyone and justin was one of them so when she came out she said she inly have two celebrity number in her new phone which is taylor and abel and while ago news said he connected her so it seems like justin whole career and songs is about selena

  3. I don't understand, when Justin was at Ellen's show, he said "Sorry" was for Selena. And then he sang it at her show. But here they are making it seem like he wasn't thinking of her when he made "Sorry". I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, I was just wanting to air out what I was confused about.

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