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Jacob Sartorius Tweets About Being Held At Gunpoint & Handcuffed By Police

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Everyone has nosey neighbors. Either you are one or you have one. And when people see something suspicious about to go down, what do they do? They call the police. That’s apparently what happened to Jacob Sartorious except no one was trying to break into his house. But that didn’t stop the popo from coming with helicopters, guns ablaze, and handcuffs ready for action. Early yesterday morning Jacob tweeted – “i just got woken up being hand cuffed by 15 police with guns pointed to me pinned to the ground. i’ll explain later.” First of all, you can’t tweet something like that and then say ‘I’ll explain later.’ But he didn’t make his followers wait too long because he later tweeted a video where you can hear helicopters flying above his house.
Along with the video he tweeted “there were helicopters flying over our house. minutes after this video our back door got kicked down & i was pinned to the ground.” He went on to say, – “everybody’s okay. they explained that there was a huge misunderstanding & that neighbors thought there was a robber in our house.”
Huh? The cops thought there was a robber in the house so they came with 15 5-0s and a helicopter? I have so many questions. First of all, what did the neighbors see to make them think there was a robber in the house? Second of all, if the cops thought Jacob was the burglar, did they not wonder why he was tucked in a bed sleeping instead of I dont know robbing the house?? And if he said he woke up to being handcuffed, how did he have time to take that video? Just call me Nancy Drew. Tell me what you guys think went down in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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34 thoughts on “Jacob Sartorius Tweets About Being Held At Gunpoint & Handcuffed By Police

  1. Y'all are so disgusting and rude.Some of you are saying "He deserves it" or "They could've shot him" why are you all saying these disgusting things,he's just a kid.He doesn't deserve to die or deserve to go to jail.Ik his music is not that good and they're trashy,but seriously it's just sick wishing death upon someone.I even saw some Ariana Grande fanpages saying that his music is trash and he deserves it and you should go buy Ariana's albums.I'm a fan of Ariana too but,she wants her fans to be nice,respect other people,and treat them equally.Ik she's not gonna find out about this but if she did she would be so disappointed at you fanpages.And for those of you saying your comment was a joke,please don't ever say those things again it's just disgusting.I'm not a fan of him but it's sick you all are saying these things.

  2. When he said he woke up being handcuffed, that was over the course of the drama. First he woke up bc of a glass shatter and a scream. Before he knew it, there were helicopters over his house and the back door got kicked down. Then he had to get off the property and he got tackled and handcuffed with guns to his head

  3. Why are half of the comments bashing Jacob he's is a selfless human being and always puts others before himself he doesn't deserve all of this hate ❤️Jacob must be so shooken up from this y'all are so cold hearted ❤️

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