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Jake Paul Calls Out Selena Gomez, Disney & Attempts To Apologize With Diss Track

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We were all wondering what Jake Pauls next move would be after he made a racist joke about a fans accent. And I think its safe to say he responded exactly the way we may have assumed he would. The 20 year old decided to address the situation with a rap that really brushes over the racist incident itself and mainly addresses the media. Take a listen.
In regards to the racist comments he raps quote, “I’m sorry for my actions man, I’m asking for forgiveness man,”
Though the intention of the rap may have been to own up to his mistakes, it really was just a huge blast at the media while he played the victim. The thing is, the media may not be there for every good deed done, because it is what is expected of a human being. To be a good human, if we did every good deed just so it would be noticed by the media, it doesn’t really say much of who we are as a human.
The commenters of the video seem to be echoing these exact thoughts. One commenter, HazelPinnaple said, “what about the people who do all those good things but dont act like dicks in their free time??”
And Eric D called it a “whine track.”
He even called out the media for his Disney days saying quote, “Where was y’all at when Selena left Disney
Didn’t talk sh*t to her but now you talk sh*t to me
A YouTube commenter (Qamar Munir26 minutes ago) Said:
“Yeah Selena left Disney but you got Fired.”
Seems to be a lot of feelings during this “not so Diss track.” What do you think of Jake Pauls rap as he dabs on the media? Playing victim or being sincere? Let us know in the comments below and as always don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks so much for watching. I’m your girl Meghan Lamontagne and I’ll catch ya later!

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40 thoughts on “Jake Paul Calls Out Selena Gomez, Disney & Attempts To Apologize With Diss Track

  1. All he is saying is that he has been thrown under the bus for his negative actions but nothing about his positive actions. He was not calling out Selena Gomez, he was just compairing her. He got hate for leaving Disney and focusing on bigger things, but when Selena did she got respect. No hate what so ever. I love them both but you have to look at it in both angles.

  2. You Jake paul fans are mentally sick, let people share their own opinions and stop making excuses like, "you don't know him, oh no, stop hating on Jake" you're stupid right? People can hate on him or not I'm sorry but he can't sing either. Selena can and if u don't think she can't sing try listening to Jake again.

  3. So many fucking little girls here defending Jake Paul saying "Oh you don't know him" I'm over here like and you do? Guys stop OK he's acting like he has no blame in all this. It makes me so mad how these little kids are saying oh well he's human he makes mistakes forgive him. No OK ! He needs to learn that when he does something wrong there will be consequences.

  4. Honestly I'm so done with the Jake Paul drama, he's completely irrelevant. The only fans he has left are 8 year olds. Going after Selena was such a dick move, You'd honestly be lucky if she even knew his name

  5. jake paul is so nice. how would you fell if you were getting harassed for caring on your dream. all you new channels do is talk about all the bad stuff what about when he was making food for homeless people on thanksgiving and when he met Caylee or when he was giving out school supplies for kids. What about all of that??

  6. And non of y'all can say and because he making a funny accent most of y'all do the same don't try to pretend y'all don't and other famous people do the same thing y'all don't call them dicks and other stuff y'all just mad because he is speaking his mind

  7. You. Cannot. Use. Charity. As. A. Defense. Point. That's incredibly low of him. Please, kids who are reading this, don't fall into his trap and don't let yourselves be manipulated! See through his lies and wake up! I'm not saying that what Jake has done isn't admirable but using it as an excuse for everything he has done is vile. His logic is basically that of an abuser. "I hit you but it's okay because I bought you flowers" of course that's a bit of hyperbole on my part but it's the same logic. it's truly disgusting.

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