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Justin Bieber DMed a Gym In Search of Mystery Girl & Got Rejected

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Ouch. Justin Bieber just got put on blast after DMing a girl via Instagram.
And ironically, Justin’s got a new song coming this week called “Friends”.
Being “friends” is all Justin Bieber can hope for after getting shut down on Instagram. Justin tried to slide into a girl’s DMs on Wednesday and it didn’t go according to plan. Justin sent a direct message to “Fitness on Broughton” a local gym in Savannah, Georgia and asked about a girl that worked there. Justin had seen a GIF of the front desk employee named Jessica, promoting an energy drink on their Instagram account. And apparently he wanted to know more.

Sadly, the DM didn’t faze 22-year-old Jessica because she decided to put Justin on blast. Jessica tweeted out what Justin messaged the gym- and it looks like Justin wasn’t messing around. He wrote, “Who is that girl” adding a heart emoji and then clarified writing, “? in ur latest post.” Jessica even included photo proof that it was actually Justin’s Instagram account that messaged her.

Instead of freaking out and writing him back, Jessica wrote on Twitter, “Did this actually just happen… lmao Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF”. Then, she replied to her own tweet writing, “I got everything I need right here” including a ton of pics posing with her boyfriend.

So the million dollar question is- how did Justin even find that Fitness account? Prior to his message they had only posted 5 photos and had 70 followers. And what exactly was Justin hoping for- a date? A workout buddy? Here’s to hoping Justin offers some explanation himself.

Coincidentally, this morning Justin announced he has a brand new single coming on Thursday! The irony is that it’s called “Friends”- which is exactly what he and Jessica will be if they ever meet. Justin revealed the artwork for the song on Twitter, depicting two birds fighting over a worm with a happy face on it. Yesterday he teased us with some song lyrics on Twitter writing, “Can we still be friends”.

So what do you guys think of Justin DMing Jessica’s employer on Instagram? And does this make you even more stoked about his new song? After leaving your thoughts below click here to check out a recap of the winners from the Teen Choice Awards. As always I’m your host Drew Dorsey, thanks for tuning in.

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17 thoughts on “Justin Bieber DMed a Gym In Search of Mystery Girl & Got Rejected

  1. So what if he is popular and a big star.
    Why can he not fall for a new girl. Ya Selena will forever be his true love but please he can ask about a girl. Just because he is famous can he not like a girl..

  2. While I don't really care for JB too much, it was out of line for her to publicly mock him and make a spectacle. Tell him you have a boyfriend and private and then be done with it. What's the point of publicly humiliating him? People are so incredibly cold, they need to remember that celebrities are people too, and that taking advantage of them that way is just as bad as whatever they do.

  3. Okay wow, if it was some random guy on Instagram asking what JB asked it would have been 'creepy' and the girl would be congratulated on the way she handled it. But because it's freakin Justin Bieber she shouldn't have put it on her twitter acount? Nicely rejected him and just acted like nothing happened? "She had a boyfriend already and just wanted fame and attention!" Come on people, it's not even the first time he's done something like this. Remember the time he asked his fans to find this girl on Instagram? But it's definitely Jessica who's in the wrong here. Sure. Jessica thought it was weird, posted it on her Twitter and later included lots of pictures of her boyfriend. Nothing mean or hateful or attentoon seeking in my eyes. But hey. It's Justin Bieber. Whoop de fucking doo people. Seriously.

  4. It's good that she rejected him because she already has a boyfriend and she should stay loyal to him as she did now but why did she have to tell the whole world? And why did she…. Mock him? I mean if that happened to me I wouldn't post it on social media, I would tell my mum and my best friend who I can trust my secrets and stuff.

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