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Justin Bieber Fans Camping Out FIVE MONTHS Early For Brazil Concert

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On Wednesday, tents started to pop up outside the Brazilian venue for a Bieber show that is not until March 2017. And if you think that’s insane, there are some fans that have even already started camping out for his show that is in April. Needless to say, both shows are already sold out. According to a Brazilian newspaper called the Globo, the fans camping out are part of a 130 person effort who all plan to take shifts camping out while the others go to work and school. One of the dedicated fans spoke with the newspaper saying QUOTE – “We are here for our idol and our love for him made us do this madness.”
And this isn’t the first time Biebermania has caused fans to sleep outdoors for him for crazy spans of time. The last time he was in Brazil, fans started camping outside venues 2 months in advance so this 5 to 6 month business is really upping the ante. Meanwhile Bieber is currently touring in Ireland. Gotta give those fans props because this is some serious dedication. But I want to hear from you guys. Would you ever camp outside a venue for 5 months to see your idol? Show me how crazy you are in the comment section below and then you can click right over here to see which one of Ariana Grande’s boyfriends was voted the crowd favorite on Debatable. And per usual, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Fans Camping Out FIVE MONTHS Early For Brazil Concert

  1. Seriously…are they homeless ?? Get a job…do something meaningful with
    your life then come back when the show starts. That’s beyond fandom, it’s
    total stupidity.

  2. Justin’s fans are seriously fucking retarded. LOL I wonder how they’ll
    react after they waited all this time just to see Justin throw a bitch fit
    and walk out. LOL that would be priceless XD

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