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Justin Bieber Teams Up With James Corden For Hilarious Soap Opera!

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He’s a singer, a songwriter, a dancer, and now the Biebs can kinda sorta add successful ‘soap opera’ writer to his long list of talents.
No one knew they needed a soap opera based solely on Justin’s songs until late last night when James Cordon debuted ‘The Bold and the Lyrical’ featuring Salma Hayek, Gary Oldman, and Ray Romano on The Late Late Show. Using only lyrics from Justin’s popular hits, the late night show host managed to turn Salma’s cheating scandal into the biggest and most dramatic Bieber-fest of all time. Not only did the writers add lines from Justin’s current hits, they also managed to sneak in a few oldies, but goodies from the Biebs like this one…
And everything was just going so well until Ray ruined it all by dropping the ball and started quoting, well, just take a look and you’ll see.
One freaking Direction! I know they both released their recent albums on the same day last year, but come on Ray, get your life together! The actor eventually redeemed himself by reciting a Bieber song, but before Salma was able to make her decision between Ray and James, Gary stormed in and started to profess his love for the actress until he realized she was already in a lovers quarrel with two other men.
Eventually all three guys decided to leave Salma in the dust, but not before this one final diss.
I’m not gonna lie, this whole thing was just perfect. What was your favorite part about the soap opera? Leave all your thoughts in the comment section below! When you’re done with that, click right over here to find out what Ariana Grande had to say about her whole unfollow debacle with Justin and of course, don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m Sarah Whittle and before you go…

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