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Kenya Moore is married now?!…Celebrity gossip..

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Happy Humpday..Is Kenya Moore really married. Celebrity gossip.Please like comment and subscribe.Follow me IG@Tikki44&Twitter@Tikki44

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12 thoughts on “Kenya Moore is married now?!…Celebrity gossip..

  1. Great video Ms. Tikki, looking fabulous as always!! I agree Tammy and Reggie needs to leave that baby situation alone. Steve was out of order, with that comment he made in regards to Flint Michigan water crisis. I hope Tiny moves on an get with someone who truly will respect her.

  2. That pic of Kenya is prolly a pilot she did, now she tryna catfish us into thinking she married. Or if she is really married, I don't blame her into rushing to the alter, because NeNe is back now, so Kenya need a storyline that is stronger than Nene's or else Kenya is gonna be unemployed.

    Keke is confused, hopefully she find out who she is. Steve Harvey got to understand that he might have been joking but the world is alot more sensitive these days so he can't say things like that without social media calling him out.

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