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Kesha Tweets Support For Taylor Swift After DROPPED Court Case

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Kesha shows support for her friend Taylor Swift with a heartfelt message.
It’s safe to assume that Kesha knows exactly what Taylor is going through right now.
Last week Taylor Swift’s legal battle against a Denver DJ began in court. Taylor claims he groped her inappropriately during a meet-and-greet. Taylor herself took the stand Thursday and harshly testified against DJ David Mueller for the 2013 incident.

Today, her fellow pop star Kesha has spoken out. Kesha tweeted her support for Taylor writing quote, “@taylorswift i support you always, and especially right now and admire your strength and fearlessness. Truth is always the answer.”

It seems Kesha is returning the favor. Over a year ago Taylor donated two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars to support Kesha’s lengthy trial against her former music producer Dr. Luke. Kesha alleged that Dr. Luke abused her in various forms in a trial that took over Kesha’s life.

So we’re guessing Kesha has an inkling how Taylor must feel right now as her trial plays out. In addition to Kesha, other celebs tweeted their support including Lena Dunham: “Proud of @taylorswift for her fierce & cutting testimony & her refusal to settle for being treated like property. Her example is powerful.”

And the judge thinks so too. On Friday the judge threw out the DJ’s case against Taylor for damages after losing his job. Now what remains is Taylor’s countersuit towards him for assault and battery. The trial heads into closing arguments today and a verdict is likely to be reached very soon.

What do you guys think of Kesha publicly supporting Taylor? And do you think Taylor will win the case against the DJ? Tell us your vote below. Then click here to see the Internet react to Taylor’s testimony in court. As always I’m your host XXX XXX, I’ll see you guys next time.

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34 thoughts on “Kesha Tweets Support For Taylor Swift After DROPPED Court Case

  1. It's moments like these where I really feel for Kesha. She went through years of being abused and silenced and she never got her justice. So that's why she's so passionate about others getting theirs. I really love her.

  2. For everyone one that speaks up, there are probably 9 others that aren't. Sexual assault is the norm in Hollyweird. This is most likely not the first time it's happened to Taylor, she was just waiting for the perfect evidence.

  3. big court case over nothing, convicted on the flimsiest of evidence. Used to be a standard for evidence, now the word of a whore is enough. Taylor "everyone can touch my winky but you " Swift.

  4. I think what Kesha went through is much worse than just an inappropiate grab.. I'm not saying that's okay but it's too much what Taylor is doing… you don't sue a person just for a simple inappropiate grab I think that is too much, you just have to be clear that you DON'T ACCEPT THAT and FUCK OFF. If the person continues with the harassment obviously you go to the authorities… I don't know… I say it again it isn't right to do that, but come on it happened like 4 years ago and was a simple grab… it's like I want to acuse someone from stealing money from me after almost have decade later like bruh

  5. Where's Demi? Where's Katy? Weren't they so vocal against abuse against women? Their hypocrisy is showing big time by not saying anything now just because the accuser/alleged victim is Taylor Swift. So much for their so-called feminism.

  6. kinda makes me feel that no one really has our backs when it comes to sexual harassment.. and this is coming from a girl who was molested as a child by different people who were much, MUCH older, raped at a party and didn't say anything in high school because I was made to believe that no one would believe me. It's the putting down of women in these types of situations that normalizes this kind of behavior. I'm just really sad that such a public case turned out this way. Whether it is Taylor Swift or not. Stay strong to all my other people females/males that have been sexually assaulted and this is making them feel as if there is no hope. You are not alone.

  7. why the hell are people calling taylor a crybaby? she got sexually assaulted there is no excuse for that, people should really watch their mouths cause comments like those are what make a woman afraid to report rape/sexual assault when it happens.

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