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Lili Reinhart Reveals Moment She Got Riverdale Role – Internet Reacts to “Life of Kylie” (DHR)

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Lili Reinhart tweets a selfie from the day she became Betty Cooper, and people have a lot to say about the Life Of Kylie premiere.

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17 thoughts on “Lili Reinhart Reveals Moment She Got Riverdale Role – Internet Reacts to “Life of Kylie” (DHR)

  1. Selena&Able are #Relationship goals. Thanks toThe Weekend and Selena I am Finally over Jelena.I am pretty sure that i am literally the only person who still had hope that they would end up back together even though I knew in reality that it would never ever hapen.But now that she is with the weekend and she is so happy witg him and he is so great and respectful of her I feel like she is at a great place in her life and her and justin ended for a good reason.Young love dosent always last and thats just reality.But thats ok.Because god makes everything hapen for a reason.

  2. I don't think lili and cole are necessarily dating it doesin't mean she talked about exploring new places with him and going on adventures means that their dating! Friends can also do that, in fact more often than couples.

  3. I definitely don't believe that jlaw was a homewreker ever. She is who she is. And I love Anna since like forever n I feel so bad for them and the kid. But they already had problems a few years back I think. I just hope it doesn't get messy for anybody.

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    I remember when I used the say tipping is not mandatory, people would get on my case. Not only that but I've seen people make not tipping a "black issue".
    After all those times I've debated with people, now people are saying it's not mandatory after all? LOL we live in a confusing world

  5. She says she records everything and keeps up her persona for her brand and everything so everything she does is for her business everybody has to have a source of income so when she decides to drop fame it will be when her company reaches the ultimate point of her not having to advertise

  6. I don't understand tipping in the U.S. – in the U.K. If the service is bad you don't tip, if it's good, you sometimes still only tip 10% and no one cares… It's not expected

  7. Listen I love Lili and Cole but I'm not going to believe the dating rumor is until they come out and say "We're dating." I don't care about these stupid little hints, and I don't have time for them.

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