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Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexha SLAY “Back To You” Performance At 2017 TCAs

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No tricks, no gimmicks, just Louis, Bebe, their vocals, and a pretty cool band.
I think it’s safe to say both Louis and Bebe messed us ALL up with their duet at the TCAs tonight. The dynamic duo took the stage near the end of the show to perform their smash hit, ‘Back To You.’ Louis and Bebe kept their performance simple with a small band along with a bunch of screens in the background, and needless to say, they pretty much killed it.
Like, seriously you guys, how incredible did they sound together? And their chemistry is just amazing. Louis is definitely no stranger to performing at shows without his One Direction bandmates, but it never ceases to amaze me how much he shines on his own.
Immediately after Louis and Bebe’s performance, the singer took to her Twitter to sum up their time on stage together with three simple words and an emoji: “We did it.” Louis also tweeted about their performance by saying QUOTE, “Got 1 percent battery but that was sooooo sick. Gonna put a video message up soon saying thanks, just gonna charge my phone! Love you all.”
Aside from smashing his performance at the TCAs, Louis also took home the Choice Collaboration award for his song, ‘Just Hold On’ with Steve Aoki. It’s safe to say he left the show feeling pretty good about himself.
What did you guys think of Louie and Bebe’s performance at the Teen Choice Awards? Let me know in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to check out all the best dressed celebs at tonight’s show! Thanks for hanging with me right here on Clevver News, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see ya next time!

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26 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexha SLAY “Back To You” Performance At 2017 TCAs

  1. Is everyone deaf ?? That's sounded so bad wtf ?? How can people just make and opinion based on how they looked and not how they sound?? There are so many talented people waiting for a chance while stupid people keep making talentless people famous !! So wrong

  2. Louis hit all the high notes but was a tiny bit shaky on the low notes sometimes I think he could sing songs that were sung by girls better im really proud of him he gets better everytime

  3. This is still my least favorite solo song from all the former one direction boys but to me this was still the best moment from last night. Just hold on will always be my favorite of Louis and This Town being my favorite when you talk about all of 1d's solo songs.

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