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‘Miranda Sings’ Colleen Ballinger & Josh Evans Announce Divorce

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Let me start off by saying i love my job because we get share with you guys about our fav celebs and you tubers….but sometimes my job also requires me to report on some really sad news as well. with that being said with all do respect to Collen and Joshua during this difficult time this is what we know so far
In a new video uploaded to her YouTube channel titled “Life Update”, Miranda Sings aka Colleen Ballinger explains to fans why she and husband Joshua are divorcing.
Colleen is visibly upset and heartbroken as she explains to fans that despite still loving Joshua, who she describes as a wonderful man, her marriage has sadly come to an end.
Colleen went on to explain that the fights just became too much, and that the divorce was her decision based on her wanting them both to be happy.
Colleen also explained that while she really doesn’t want to divorce, sometimes the best decisions are the hardest to make. Towards the end of the video, Colleen also announced that she’ll be taking a break from the internet to to take time to heal and spend with her loved ones.

Meanwhile, Joshua also made a YouTube video to address the divorce announcement, but in his video he claims he does not want the divorce at all, and that it was ultimately Colleen’s decision alone.
Joshua also made a point of assuring fans that no infidelity on either side lead to the split.
At the end of the video, Joshua broke down while professing his love for his wife and his wishes for her happiness and success.
Ooof. Okay these videos are just so painful to watch. We’re wishing Colleen and Joshua the best on what is surely going to be a very difficult process for them both. So what do you guys think of Colleen and Joshua’s divorce? Are you totally heartbroken for them? Do you think they’ll definitely go through with it? Let me hear your thoughts and after that click here to watch our Knott’s Scary Farm episode of Beauty Trippin. And be sure to subscribe! Thanks for watching, I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and I’ll see you next time!

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5 thoughts on “‘Miranda Sings’ Colleen Ballinger & Josh Evans Announce Divorce

  1. Using peoples lives and pain for subscribers and money? They both said they
    DID NOT want videos made like this about their divorce. Pretty sad how you
    have to use stories like this just to get views…

  2. How dare you make a news report after she asked you not too! That is so
    rude and I hope you realize how rude you are right now.

  3. honestly people are going to watch this and then go watch Colleens video
    and see the part where she says it’s disgusting how people are going to use
    their heartbreak for views way to shot yourself in the foot

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