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Music Festival VIP… AGAIN?! (Lunchy Break)

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You Guys! Dreams have become real life things because we got to go to Chicago & experience Lollapalooza for the first time!!! After some extensive travel, lots of coffee & a minor wardrobe malfunction – we got to the festival & lived our best VIP life. (Free food, drinks & manicures?! YES PLZ!) We also met tons of fans while we were there. If that was you, comment below! We love you Chi-Town!!!

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29 thoughts on “Music Festival VIP… AGAIN?! (Lunchy Break)

  1. No mean comments today;) I was very impressed by you guys hosting the Teen Choice Awards pre-show. I was so impressed bcuz all I normally see you Bitches do is lazily film yourself eating and bumble over products on Beauty Break;) Lilz did a good job and looked really cute and Joslyn is a true professional. Good job guys;) I was nice this time but brace yourself for my next comment;)

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