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Musicians Who Ruined Their Career In A Matter Of Seconds

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Musicians can be on top of the charts one day and in the tabloid headlines the next. Like anyone else, these musically gifted artists are susceptible to drama and mistakes — sometimes, even earning jail time. Unfortunately, they aren’t usually given second chances by the public, even if the courts are merciful. Here are some music stars who ruined their careers, possibly for good, with one wrong move…

Chris Brown | 0:25
R. Kelly | 1:10
Ashlee Simpson | 2:19
Sinead O’Connor | 4:10
Robin Thicke | 5:08
Mary J. Blige | 6:29
Natalie Maines | 7:41

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39 thoughts on “Musicians Who Ruined Their Career In A Matter Of Seconds

  1. Dixie chicks won album of the year Grammy after the fact and continue to tour very successfully. To lump them in with Ashley Simpson and robin thicke is just inaccurate. Stupid dummies.

  2. Some of this crap is just politically incorrect, which in and of itself is crap as well. Letting oneself be pushed about by those who pay for our lavish lifestyles is the price of fame; too expensive for my taste…..

  3. I thought people seriously overreacted to the Dixie Chicks thing. They really considered banning their music? So childish. Whatever happened to free speech? When Green Day released American Idiot it was a hit. Crazy how they had essentially the same message but the Dixie Chicks couldn't get away with it because of their genre.

  4. Chris Brown is a fink and doofus, and what he did to RiRi was terrible, but hasnt he already paid his dues for that? Also, what happened to separating art from artist?

  5. stupid public you make a mistake and all the love washed away like the xlove searchers,pulling money off their heads like candy but in your passion play? what went wrong and they flush you down the toilet like yesterday's garbage! fantasy is turning to reality and reality is getting worst.gods are falling and drama is in the streets

  6. The leftist scum should not be able to enjoy the benefits of our independence, as they are far from patriotic and hate everything about it. Donald is the very symbol of our great independence, that is exactly why they hate him. This can also be stated about Christmas, because money is their god.

  7. It's 2017 and Chris Brown is doing just fine musically speaking. He's a big jerk but he's not going anywhere musically just yet.I don't see the big deal about Mary J Blige's commercial. Okay I get it there are steroeotypes about black people and chicken but that doesn't mean we can't like chicken.

  8. 7:00 because we all know black people liking fried chicken is only a stereotype. Honestly, this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. People play into stereotypes in song and video all the time. All she did was sing during a commercial about a food product. Besides, who the F**K doesn't like fried chicken?

  9. I really like the upbeat music as you read off life-changing events in people lives (who you've never met before). It seriously neutralizes the intensity of some of theirs crimes and mistakes.

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