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New Character Coming To Riverdale For Season 2 Could Mean Trouble For Bughead

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Ever since Riverdale came out earlier this year, we have been low-key obsessed. The cast gets along so well both on and off camera that we honestly feel like we’re part of the gang. We were so relieved that Riverdale got picked up for a second season because we wouldn’t know what to do if it ended with spoiler alert: Jughead going to Southside and joining the Serpents .
Jughead switching sides and seemingly ditching the Archie squad has us questioning pretty much everything. What is going to happen to Bughead? Will Betty be able to accept Jughead’s new dark side? Is Archie going to fight for their friendship?
With so many questions, the second season seems lightyears away. Thankfully a new actor has revealed info that could literally change everything. Vanessa Morgan, who is bringing Toni Topaz to life, gave some behind-the-scenes info about her character while hitting up the MTV VMA red carpet over the weekend.
Toni is a member of the Southside Serpents, the gang that Jughead just joined at the end of season one. Tori is the token girl member of the gang and Vanessa said that she “stirs it up a bit for Bughead. I’m part of Southside. I’m one of Jughead’s first friends… I bring a bit of trouble.”
Yikes. We have a feeling that Betty and Toni will definitely not be friends. Although we’re clinging to the hope that Bughead can survive anything, Toni’s storyline is still extremely important. Especially if she and Bughead become romantically involved.
Vanessa said “My character is bisexual. This is one hundred percent important.” And it totally is! Representation matters, and Toni will be the first known bisexual character on Riverdale. Being able to see yourself reflected on your favorite shows is extremely important and we’re so excited for this progressive step forward.
With all this new info we honestly don’t know what to think! Are you excited to learn more about Toni and do you think Bughead will be able to survive more pressure and heartache? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see why Drake Bell and Josh Peck said ‘hug me brotha’ once again! I’m Tom Plumley, thanks for tuning in!

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18 thoughts on “New Character Coming To Riverdale For Season 2 Could Mean Trouble For Bughead

  1. I love Bughead sm! But Toni is bisexual so maybe she'll go after Betty or I know everyone has the suspicion that Veronica is gay so maybe her and Toni will have a thing…

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