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Riverdale Cast Wins BIG At 2017 Teen Choice Awards

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This year the Teen Choice Awards should have been renamed the Riverdale Awards. The breakout CW series took home seven surfboards at the TCAs. Many of the show’s cast members were on hand to accept the awards including: KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Ashleigh Murray and Casey Cott. Watch KJ take the lead accepting their win for Choice Drama TV show- where he dedicated the award to a very special person.

That accent tho. KJ ended his heartfelt speech by thanking all the producers on the show and last but not least he thanked the fans.

While that was the only award given to Riverdale that was televised, there was a lot more where that came from. The show also won Choice Breakout TV Show, Choice Scene Stealer for Camila, and Choice Hissy fit for Madelaine, Choice Drama TV actor for Cole, and Choice Breakout TV Star for Lili. But most importantly Cole and Lili together took home Choice TV Ship for Bughead.

And this was the first time we’ve seen Cole and Lili on the red carpet together since rumors of their real life romance broke. Many of the photos seem to confirm the relationship- with Cole and Lili standing next to each other with his arm around her.

Alright guys what do you think of Riverdale sweeping the TCAs? And do you think the red carpet photos prove Lili and Cole are dating? Tell us your thoughts below- then click here to check out Zendaya’s inspiring accepstance speech.

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39 thoughts on “Riverdale Cast Wins BIG At 2017 Teen Choice Awards

  1. To be fair, the producers can have a valid opinion too even if it isn't based on votes. I love Teen Wolf, Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars equally. (although pll shouldn't have won for that ending tbh just for the sake of winning)

  2. Get over it, pll had plenty chances to win tcas. So what if it's their last year you can't put down riverdale for winning.

    Aurguing with riverdale fans on twitter isn't going to magically make them give your faves the award.

  3. I am a hardcore Riverdale Fan and I was so happy to see so many wins but Bughead is overrated compared to some of the other ships up for the award. There wasn't nearly enough intensity between them yet. The Bughead fandom is just too outrageous

  4. There is no doubt that Riverdale's each and everything , from the story line to the cast members, everything are just perfect and fans like us supported and are supporting them from our hearts completely and the result this is that surfing board in their hands.The best part is that they won our hearts just in a year… We know that they have huge surprises ahead in upcoming season(s) . Lots of love for Riverdale !! #RiverdaleStrong

  5. Guys doesn't matter how much others shows deserved to win, or if was their last season and last chance to win a TCA, what really counts is how much the fans voted, and by what I saw they voted a lot(including me), and It doesn't mean the others shows are considered not as good as Riverdale

  6. Y'all all need to chill with this pretty little liars should have won , and the people that really like Riverdale are still saying this plz stop just stop! Riverdale is still really good and even though bughead just happened in like 7 episodes…….did you guys forget there still a season two coming out! And Riverdale was made for this generation , they portably one cause there younger viewers and have of them don't even know pretty little liars is even out there in the world….. I love both shows and if you do to why are you so mad there both amazing ya maybe pretty little liars is better but Riverdale is different it's mystery and it's based of characters form an old comic book so stop making the Riverdale cast feel bad, even though they took the time to make this show for so yalll need to chill pretty little liars is still an a amazing show and it's still out there to watch it's just a dumb nominees thing really guys stop it's just rude and I know some of you guys are saying your opinions it might hurt other people feelings and you guys are pretty much saying they suck I hate bughead but you guys watch the show I don't even understand there both really great shows so you guys need to stop making the Riverdale cast feeel bad again there taking there time to act and stay up late filming like pretty little!!!! I love the shows both and I was actually very happy that Riverdale on and yes I was alittle upset that pretty little liars didn't win but it's not like they got alll sad and stop making the shows !

  7. I remember a long time ago, the night when the Riverdale pilot was first set to air, I was channel surfing and when I landed on CW, Riverdale was just about to play. I had seen ads about it before, so I decided to tune in and watch. I am so glad that I did, because I am absolutely obsessed with the show and I can't believe how big it's become!

  8. lol,crying over Stydia is funny.They aren't even technically a couple even.And Malec is barely touched upon at all these days,they are side characters!PLL doesn't deserve anything,about time a show broke through the brainwashing.

  9. What is wrong with you guys Riverdale took all them awards because they deserved it and it only took one season so don't be complaining that pll lost and stop comparing it to pretty little Liars who didn't win and respect the people who work on Riverdale
    P.s the pll ending was trash also I ship bughead

  10. to everyone saying that pretty little liars should've won because it's their last year,it doesn't matter if it's your last year it matters if you're a great actor/actress or show

  11. Riverdale didn't deserve all of them award at all! STYDIA SHOULD HAVE won choice ship by a mile,I am very angry with the results and if the whole thing wasn't fake STYDIA would have won,and anyone who loves riverdale and doesn't agree with me comment below and I will fucking fight you because this is riverdales 1 season and you can't just come in and swoop up all the awards after teen wolf and the vampire diaries have been here for over 5 years

  12. I can't believe what is happening right now. Saying that Riverdale didn't deserve to win is bullshit. You can be disappointed ofc that PLL or whatever tv show/ship didn't win but come on. Saying they didn't deserve it is just not true. I'm a big PLL and Riverdale fan and it's really weird seeing the PLL fans and Riverdale fans fight on twitter. Just leave it! Riverdale won, and ofc you can be sad, but they did deserve it and saying shit like Riverfail and Bugshit is just disrespectful!

    Edit: saying PLL should've won bc it was their last year is also bullshit, ofc you want them to win for the very last time but still, yes it was their last year but that shouldn't matter. Riverdale won and you can hate and say they didn't deserve it or you can be happy for the Riverdale cast/fans.

  13. I'm a massive Riverdale fan but I genuinely think that the only Riverdale cast member who was truly deserving of an award is Madelaine. I hate Bughead, they were thrown together because they're two popular actors and people wanted more of them interacting. It's just fan service. I apologize to all the other shows/actors/actresses who deserved the awards

  14. Pll got well shit tho, like I waited so long to find out who AD is and they obviously ran out of ideas and bought out a new character called Alex Drake (Spencer's twin) like wtf..they didn't deserve to win cos you could tell that they ran out of ideas… 🙂

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