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Riverdale Season 2 Trailer Reveals MAJOR Spoiler?

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Riverdale fans, you’re about to discover new meaning for the word “intense”. The first season 2 trailer dropped at Comic Con last month, and now the second teaser has hit the internet. The 30 second clip titled “Desperate Times” starts with the sheriff revealing some tragic news, which we’re guessing is about Archie’s Dad being shot at the diner in the season finale. Then we’re served clips of Archie preparing for revenge. You gotta see it for yourself.

I know, that was a lot. Let’s break it down. After we see Archie’s bloody cast and his plans to get back at his father’s shooter, we see Betty confronting her mother, which we can only speculate is about her secret brother. Next we see teases of a courtroom trial, and what looks like Jughead and his Dad being interrogated at the police station. Fans are totally freaking out about the next part where Veronica and her pearls jump in the shower with who we think is Archie. Hashtag Varchie seems to be going strong.

The dramatic clip ends with Archie’s Dad’s shooter aiming the gun and we see Archie pull a gun out of his letterman’s jacket outside the diner. The voiceover at the ends teases, “You can’t let this fear run your life, Archie.” It’s safe to say October 11th can’t come soon enough for Riverdale fans.

What do you think this teaser means for season two? Tell us your predictions below! Then click here to see Lili Reinhart slam body shamers and more. As always I’m your host Renee Shafii, thanks so much for tuning in.

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38 thoughts on “Riverdale Season 2 Trailer Reveals MAJOR Spoiler?

  1. Since Sarah habel (ms Grundy) was seen on set for s2 I think it was either her ex husband who shot Fred after finding out about Archie and Grundy, or Grundy was upset about Fred making her leave and got her ex husband to shoot him as revenge

  2. Okay so I'm going to say the top three things I noticed, maybe you guys saw, maybe you didn't. Okay go to the trailer and pause around :12 because the title of the newspaper is DEATH DINER. Maybe Betty looks angry in that scene because Alice is exploiting Fred's death? Maybe blaming the Serpents? SO MANY EASTER EGGS. Also I'm 99.9% sure the masked man pointing the gun is from the wedding dream sequence. If you look up "Riverdale wedding featuring KJ Apa and Camila Mendes for 201" on YouTube, there is a video of someone recording the crew filming the dream sequence (only a few hundred views), and in the clip someone comes up and starts shooting during the wedding. ALSO, I think this is more common knowledge but there is a picture KJ posted on his IG saying about finishing shooting 2×01, and he's in the shower with similar lighting as the shower scene in the promo! So it is more than likely the steamy Varchie scene rather than Veronica with someone else. Like I said if you go frame by frame you pick up SO MUCH!!

  3. Guys the shooter looks like moose ??? And Veronica with new pearls- remember she broke the other ones? Betty looks like she's wearing a diner dress- working at pop's? Idk just some theories!!!

  4. I was expecting seeing comments about people not shipp Varchie and that they look like girlfriend and boyfriend that is only a sexual relationship and surprisingly didn't saw any… But I know they probably gonna appear

  5. Its Archie in the shower their was a picture KJ posted on his Instagram in the same shower and with wet hair and at Comicon they said that Varchie would get a "steam/sexy" sex scene and besides her ex boyfriend doesn't come until the 5th episode and for only 2 episodes.

  6. She was mad at her mom because in the newspaper, it said "death diner" and she probably wrote it. Also it is archie since there was a behind the scenes photo of Kj in the shower.

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