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5 MUST-SEE Moments From Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” Video

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier®, with T-Mobile ONE™. All unlimited. All in! More Celebrity News ►► The time has come! Nicki Minaj just released her “No Frauds” music video and we don’t know if you’re ready for this. Just a couple of days ago, Nicki posted

Shadowhunters Casts Will Tudor To Play Sebastian

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! More Celebrity News ►► Will Tudor looks like a perfect fit for his new role in Shadowhunters--and the fact that he’s super hot is a nice bonus. ‘Game of Thrones’ and

Ryan Gosling’s New Wax Figure Is Giving Everyone Nightmares

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! More Celebrity News ►► Let’s just say Ryan Gosling’s latest wax figure is lacking a certain…je ne sais quoi. It’s hard to recreate perfection and Ryan Gosling’s latest wax figure just proves that point. Madame

MTV Is REVIVING ‘My Super Sweet 16’ With One Slight Twist

Today’s episode is brought to you by the Un-carrier. Introducing T-Mobile One. All unlimited. ALL IN! More Celebrity News ►► The reality show that you love to hate, and mostly can’t help but hate to love, is making its grand return so dust off those party pants, because it’s about

16 Dating Situations Anxious People Dread

More Celebrity News ►► Anxiety makes a lot of day-to-day things extra difficult. Answering phone calls, interacting with other humans — lots of basic life tasks are a nightmare if you suffer from anxiety. And if you take all of those little things that cause anxiety and add them together,

15 Ways To Get Over A Breakup

More Celebrity News ►► Getting over a breakup can be difficult. But it's not impossible, so here's 15 ways to help heal that broken heart. For More Clevver Visit: Like us on Facebook: Keep up with us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Website: Add us to your circles on Google+:

Kanye West Catches a Movie With Pink Hairdo

Kanye West is out catching a movie, but we couldn’t help but notice that he’s keeping his look fresh with a hint of pink in his hairdo. Subscribe now for the latest Daily Hollywood Celebrity Splash TV News: Best Daily Splash News Daily Celebrity Playlist: Kanye West isn’t going to

Ariana Grande Pens Letter About “SICKENING” Fan Encounter

More Celebrity News ►► Ariana Grande let the world know that objectifying and disrespecting women is unacceptable after a fan treated her like a piece of meat. Ariana made a point to say that these types of instances need to be discussed more often in the effort to prevent them

Nicki Minaj Teases Clip From NEW Pink Print Tour Movie

More Celebrity News ►► New Year’s Eve just got a whole lot better and it’s all thanks to Nicki Minaj and BET. Nicki’s Pinkprint era is sadly coming to an end, but don’t worry, the queen is giving us all a chance to relive it one last time before 2016 is

Kylie Jenner Pulls Off STUNNING Surprise Engagement For Her Assistant

More Celebrity News ►► She’s taken over reality TV and conquered the beauty world, so Kylie’s next business venture? The wedding-planning industry. Makeup mogul Kylie Jenner took some time off from her booming business over the weekend to help plan what would soon become her assistant Victoria Villarroel’s most memorable moment.

Kim Kardashian Resurfaces At Holiday Party WITHOUT Her Ring?

More Celebrity News ►► After two months, Kim Kardashian made her first public appearance at a friend’s Christmas party last night and even posed for a photo. Kim rolled up in a hoodie and fresh face and still looked flawless. It’s been a rough year for Kim and Kanye, but

Ariana Grande Surprises Mac Miller By Flying To Pennsylvania

More Celebrity News ►► Ariana Grande surprises boyfriend Mac Miller with the best Holiday present ever! And that would be… HER. Yesterday Ariana Grande took a break from her insane schedule to fly from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania to surprise her boyfriend Mac Miller. Her “My Favorite Part” collaborator is wrapping up

Zayn Reveals How He’s Changed Since Leaving One Direction

More Celebrity News ►► No doubt it’s been a major year for Zayn Malik. The former fifth member of 1D has been in the media more than ever before with a solo career that truly took off this year, a brand new autobiography, a super hot girlfriend, hashtag goals, and

Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser: First Look at Web Wings!

More Celebrity News ►► The first Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer has finally debuted, and it’s definitely not what we were expecting... The first trailer is teasing out one huge new change to Spider-Man in this latest reboot, and it’s getting mixed reviews from fans... The teaser shows us the POV of Peter

Kylie Jenner Unveils RACY New Merch Line With Thongs, Sports Bras & MORE

More Celebrity News ►► Cosmetics line just in time for gift giving season. And we kinda guessed it may include lingerie based on some of her cryptic Instagram pics. Last night Kylie finally unveiled what’s in store and we’re not sure we’re ready for this. Kylie captioned her teaser video on

Descendants 2 Releases FIRST Video Footage From Sequel

More Celebrity News ►► It’ll be a while before Descendants 2 is out and the anticipation is killing me! Luckily for everyone who’s obsessed, Disney Channel decided to gift us all with a special little preview. It’s time to trade in your tiaras for eyepatches because the pirates are taking over

Gigi Hadid RESPONDS To Backlash Over Melania Trump Impression at the 2016 AMAs

This episode is Un-leashed by T-Mobile. Stream all the music you want on the network built for unlimited data. T-MobileONE™. One price. All unlimited. For everyone. Visit for full details. More Celebrity News ►► Gigi Hadid apologizes to fans for her Melania Trump impression at the AMAs! Gigi Hadid co-hosted

Dream Kardashian Breastfeeds in First Instagram

More Celebrity News ►► Aunt Kim Kardashian may be taking a break from social media following her scary Paris robbery but niece Dream Kardashian is ready to step in. At just TWO DAYS old Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s little bundle of joy has joined Instagram AND Twitter! Dream Kardashian

Dwayne Johnson Named People’s 2016 Sexiest Man Alive

More Celebrity News ►► This year’s Sexiest Man Alive has been revealed! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is gracing the coveted People magazine cover and taking home the title for 2016. He’s gone from college football player to pro wrester to box office sensation to now, the sexiest Man Alive. Is there