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New Character Coming To Riverdale For Season 2 Could Mean Trouble For Bughead

More Celebrity News ►► Ever since Riverdale came out earlier this year, we have been low-key obsessed. The cast gets along so well both on and off camera that we honestly feel like we’re part of the gang. We were so relieved that Riverdale got picked up for a second

Selena Gomez Talks Being On Bed Rest & Her Mental Health

More Celebrity News ►► Back in October of last year, Selena revealed that she checked herself into rehab to focus on her mental health and has been very transparent about her personal struggles ever since. Yesterday while moderating a screening for a new Robert Pattinson film called Good Time

Taylor Swift Makes BIG Donation To This Charity After Court Win

More Celebrity News ►► The actress started the foundation back in 2004 after countless survivors wrote to her about their personal stories of sexual assault and violence. Picking the Joyful Heart Foundation as her first organization makes a lot of sense, since we know Taytay is a biiiiiig fan of

Fifth Harmony REFUSES To Talk About Camila In Awkward Interview

More Celebrity News ►► The girls of 5H are SO over talking about their former group member, as evidenced by a new interview that got super awkward super fast. When Camila left Fifth Harmony at the end of last year, the remaining girls were probably prepared to be asked

Riverdale Season 2 Trailer Reveals MAJOR Spoiler?

More Celebrity News ►► Riverdale fans, you’re about to discover new meaning for the word “intense”. The first season 2 trailer dropped at Comic Con last month, and now the second teaser has hit the internet. The 30 second clip titled “Desperate Times” starts with the sheriff revealing some tragic

Zayn REVEALS What He Would’ve Done If He Never Became A Famous Singer

More Celebrity News ►► There’s no changing Zayn’s life now that he’s a bonafide superstar, but if being a famous singer just never worked out in his favor, Zayn probably would’ve done something pretty similar – minus the fame, of course. In an interview with VMAN 38, Zayn revealed that

Forbes Names Hollywood’s Highest Paid Actresses | E! News

Step aside Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, there's a new top money maker in the biz! Find out who. Full Story: Watch Live from E! here: Subscribe: About E! News: Jason Kennedy and the rest of the E! News team bring you the latest breaking entertainment, fashion and Pop Culture news. Featuring

Deadpool 2 Stunt Driver DIES in Motorcycle Crash Onset – Ryan Reynolds Reacts

More Celebrity News ►► Excitement for the shooting of Deadpool 2 has come to a complete and utter standstill today when a female stunt driver suddenly died on set in Vancouver, Canada, during a motorcycle stunt gone wrong. TMZ reported the news, along with an audio recording of the 9-1-1

Shawn Mendes Reveals His Best Advice From Taylor Swift

More Celebrity News ►► Shawn is one of TIme magazine's most influential teens and that means he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Shawn has come a long way in just 2 years. From opening for Taylor Swifts 1989 World Tour in 2015, to headlining his own world

Aaron Carter Asks Chloe Moretz On A Date, After She Reveals Childhood Crush

More Celebrity News ►► Aaron Cater just broke up with his ex girlfriend Madison Parker a week ago and already he has his eyes on fellow star Chloe Moretz, In a recent interview with Variety, Chloe revealed that Carter had been her childhood crush saying "When I was 4 years old,

Did Blac Chyna Make A Dig At Rob Kardashian In New Music Video?

More Celebrity News ►► Blac Chyna is starring in brand new music video for Belly’s P.O.P. song. And it appears like Chyna is seen in the video wearing white lacy lingerie and a huge fur coat while lip syncing to the P.O.P. song which stands for “Power of _____”

Jacob Sartorius Tweets About Being Held At Gunpoint & Handcuffed By Police

Brought to you by TWIX®. It’s time to deSide. Which side are you? #LeftTWIX or #RightTWIX More Celebrity News ►► Everyone has nosey neighbors. Either you are one or you have one. And when people see something suspicious about to go down, what do they do? They call the