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Honest Trailer Commentaries – Guardians of the Galaxy 2

With coverage that goes 2X farther than before, T-Mobile’s got you covered in more places than ever. Switch to America’s Best Unlimited Network today: link to Learn all about the making of the Honest Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the writers! Subscribe Now! ►► For More

Can Usher Beat His Herpes Accusers In Court? | Behind The Bar | TMZ

Usher got slammed with two different STD lawsuits this past week and more information comes out every day. Will he find victory in court? Find out on this week's episode of Behind The Bar. To have your question and/ or comment read during mail time, e-mail us at Want more?

Connections Promo

Connections is Relationship Radio! Hosted by an eclectic trio of radio veterans, featuring Blackjack, G Love and Melissa Foxx. This two-hour show is akin to Passion Phones or Love Lines, infused with Celebrity Gossip, Movie Reviews, Musical Guest Performances, Self-help Professionals, plus a weekly visit from Dr.