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New Character Coming To Riverdale For Season 2 Could Mean Trouble For Bughead

More Celebrity News ►► Ever since Riverdale came out earlier this year, we have been low-key obsessed. The cast gets along so well both on and off camera that we honestly feel like we’re part of the gang. We were so relieved that Riverdale got picked up for a second

Riverdale Season 2 Trailer Reveals MAJOR Spoiler?

More Celebrity News ►► Riverdale fans, you’re about to discover new meaning for the word “intense”. The first season 2 trailer dropped at Comic Con last month, and now the second teaser has hit the internet. The 30 second clip titled “Desperate Times” starts with the sheriff revealing some tragic

Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Dark Betty & Talks Shutting Down Body Shamers

More Celebrity News ►► Lili Reinhart opens up to about clapping back at body shamers, Bughead shippers, and Dark Betty. And we got all the juicy details. According to Lili, the mystery of the Riverdale’s second season will be quite different from the first. This time, revolving around Betty and her

Riverdale Deleted Scene Reveals Betty & Jughead Were ALMOST Roomies

Brought to you by TWIX®. It’s time to deSide. Which side are you? #LeftTWIX or #RightTWIX More Celebrity News ►► In a recently released deleted clip, it seems as though Riverdale’s Betty and Jughead might’ve been roomies? “This episode of Clevver’s News Feed was brought to you by TWIX. It’s