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Talking with Kids: CELEBRITY GOSSIP

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I decided to sit the kids down and talk about a topic that everyone is so deeply concerned about….NOT! Enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “Talking with Kids: CELEBRITY GOSSIP

  1. I just recently found this channel, but i've crazy in love with this channel, and i think i've become your fans, of all of you, Awwweeeee……. Berry and Coco Bean sooooooo cuuuuuute…. ^_^. Mom's is a wonderful mother and EZE is a super funny Daddy (perfect mate) . Now i can't wait for the next videos. Watch all videos was a fun activity in my relaxing time at the office, boosting back my mood. Thank you ^,^

  2. Did Berry say, It's my ticket for the battle of the bands….lol. Too cute!! You know, Berry was on the right track for the 'how many kids do Angelina & Brad Pitt have" question:))

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