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Taylor Swift DELETES All Social Media & Fans Freak Out With Theories

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Taylor Swift wiped out all her social media and fans believe she was either hacked or it’s finally time for TS6.
Let’s get to the bottom of why Taylor took her song “Blank Space” so literally.
On Friday, Taylor Swift gave us a huge sign when she deleted all of her social media. On her Instagram account all that remains is a bunch of white boxes and one hundred and two million followers. Over on Twitter, all her witty tweets and shady replies are gone. It’s also a ghost town on Taylor’s Tumblr, Facebook page, and official website.

So what the heck is going on? Some fans think Instagram user “taariqxo” hacked her accounts after he posted a photo of her Instagram homepage writing, “hello @taylorswift #taylorswift” with a crying face emoji.

Another theory is she just took her social media silence to a new level for a major break. Buuuuut we doubt that. Everyone knows Taylor’s been working on a new album so the thought of a hack or a break is really not that believable. Obviously, we hope this means her new album announcement is just hours or days away. Taylor wiped out her website before Red was announced, and before 1989 was unveiled.

In addition, one Reddit user row101 found a hidden code on Taylor’s website. The site is all black, but has a javascript code in the background which rearranges to read, “that’s what they don’t see”. If you recall, that’s a lyric from “Shake It Off”. We don’t know why Miss Swift would promote a new album with an old song lyric, so this may be an outdated easter egg.

One final theory is that Taylor is performing with Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs this weekend. A Twitter account showed that Taylor was now following Katy on Twitter, possibly declaring an end to the drama. We’re not so sure of this theory, but here’s to hoping Taylor makes ANY sort of appearance at the VMAs this Sunday.

So what do you think is the most likely theory for what just happened to Taylor’s social media? Weigh in below and we’ll keep you updated as this story progresses. Then click here for more on the katy and Taylor duet performance rumors! As always I’m your host Sinead de Vries, thanks so much for tuning in.

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39 thoughts on “Taylor Swift DELETES All Social Media & Fans Freak Out With Theories

  1. All of you frickin annoying people commenting how you don't care

    Do you really
    Have NOTHING
    better to do
    In your lives
    Then click on a video
    And comment how you don't care??!!

    I don't even know why I'm surprised anymore. Y'all need to grow the eff up.

  2. i'm a fan of taylor, i realized snake suits her bc 1989 is year of the snake. i really love how mysterious she is. k. i'm freakening out. i think she's going to take her haters literally. i love how she's insulting her haters

  3. Taylors human too, just want to put that out there for all you disrespectful pieces of shits.
    No one cares if you like her music or not, so many people do, In fact, she's the second woman in musical history to sell 10 million copies of an album… I would say that that proves how many people adore her music.

  4. Ok I am a huge Taylor Swift fan..and I am not shading her or something but I guess her new album would be called snake or something related to that as she posted a reptile tail video on her Instagram I mean I am not sure but it might be because people call her that and a new era of Taylor Swift is yet to come…..

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