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Taylor Swift Makes BIG Donation To This Charity After Court Win

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The actress started the foundation back in 2004 after countless survivors wrote to her about their personal stories of sexual assault and violence.
Picking the Joyful Heart Foundation as her first organization makes a lot of sense, since we know Taytay is a biiiiiig fan of Mariska’s, and even named her cat Olivia Benson after the character. The love is definitely reciprocated, as in response to the grammy winner’s donation, Mariska tweeted out “For sharing your story, your resources, your time, your voice: @taylorswift13 you are a force. #grateful for you.” Even before Swift made the announcement that she would be donating to Mariska’s foundation, she had already tweeted at her in support of her legal victory on Monday, saying “Leading takes courage — @taylorswift13 is leading with her voice, with fearlessness, and aplomb. Thank you for allowing #Justice to be had.”
The Joyful Heart Foundation has said the funds will go toward three of the foundation’s main initiatives: healing programs, educational work and advocacy work ― the latter of which focuses on the elimination of the U.S.’s rape kit backlog.
Well, what do you think of Taylor’s first donation? Any other orgs out there she should be supporting? How big a fan of SVU are you? Let me know allll your thoughts in the comment section below or directly on twitter or Insta at rainBsprinkles, and when you’re done with that click right over here to check out how Taylor thanked the company who was sent encouraging messages to her via post it notes on their windows every day of the trial. Thanks for hanging out with me on Clevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lillian and I’ll see you next time

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19 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Makes BIG Donation To This Charity After Court Win

  1. stupid questions.
    ♥Taylor♥ is our goddess and we love her and we are pissed when anyone or anything annoys her, let alone when someone touches her without her consent.
    We are happy she won won the case.

  2. Why are there so many people hating on taylor just because she donated money to try and stop secual assault?? She's standing up for herself and others and not matter how "small" this issue is, sexual assault is sexual assault even if it is just a butt grab. Taylor isn't seeking attention, she was the one who got sued. She made one mistake and so many people hold grudges on her because of that. She's only human so she is bound to make mistakes in her life but her life isn't a mistake.

  3. Could y'all stop hating on her? She did something not alot of artists would do, and if you are here to just leave hate don't even try because people will just start attacking you.

  4. He sued her for 4 Million dollars and she counter sued for $1 and then she donates money for sexual assault victims.
    & thats TAYLOR SWIFT.She is LOVE.
    If you hater her just get away ignore her thats all you can do because,If there is 1 hater the rest 99 loves her. So Your hate is not gonna affect her.Just get away.

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