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24 thoughts on “‘The Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay Tells Ex Peter Kraus ‘Bachelor’ Franchise Is ‘Not For You’

  1. Okay, he knew where he was going and what could happen at the end, but I don't think that anyone goes into this show prepared for what's to come. I feel like Peter was actually very genuine and realistic,

  2. I totally agree with Rachel telling Peter that this show is not for him and that he needs more time! I think it would be a huge mistake for Peter to be the next Bachelor. Just to have to got through all this again and be on the other side. If Peter is the guy he shows us to be he would not agree to being the next Bachelor. Peter is too realistic and wants to take his time building a relationship with someone before proposing and that can't happen in such a short amount of time on this tv show.

  3. I think who she really wanted was Peter.  There goodbye made me tear up.  He didn't want to lose her.  Rachel didn't want to give up on him.  Their relationship could have ended up with no proposal in the future.  The risk was too high for Rachel.  I like Bryan, but what I wonder if his mom will try to control their relationship or cross boundaries that should not be crossed.  Whose side will Bryan take?  I think mom is going to be a problem in the future.

  4. peter is too traditional and wholesome for these unrealistic shows i mean who the fuck falls in love in 2 months??? much less is ready to propose??? that man clearly loved rachel I don't blame him for not wanting to propose to a woman he met 2 months ago i mean jfc

  5. I don't think it's Rachel's place to psychologically diagnose Peters reasonings for not proposing to her. And blaming the shows process. She labeled him being "not for this show"… "this process this journey", and really, it's for Peter to figure out himself, if he thinks so. Ok so He wasn't sure if she's "the one" and needed more time than the show allowed, ok.. well that doesn't necessarily mean the whole journey or process of the show wasn't fitting for him to thrive or excell in. It's not Rachel's place to come to that conclusion and decide that's the reason they're not engaged. Evidently, she just wasn't willing to risk not getting a ring immediately, and feel this out longer. She wanted certain commitment and promise.

  6. It's very disturbing to see women bashing Rachel for clearly being level-headed. She ran after Peter like a hungry person chasing a ham sandwich because he was so insecure and needed convincing. Peter doesn't deserve Rachel or any other woman until he gets his act together. He can't possibly become the Bachelor. ABC execs would have a stroke.

  7. What would have happened had Peter Professed his love all along? According to Rachel no matter what she would have picked Bryan
    So whats her problem?
    Rachel is disrespectful as far as I am concerned wearing matching watches with Bryan on the day she going to see her parents even Eric addressed it.
    Anyways for her silly and class less behavior on after the final rose I hope ABC makes Peter is the next bachelor.
    I just saw on yahoo She saying how Peter manipulative, he never lied to her
    She need to take a page out of Eric book and have some dignity and class you got the man you want be happy
    because Eric could have talked about the obvious elephant in the room race but he take the high road

  8. This is a prime example of wasting her time!! I totally agree when she adresses the focal point issue. I think that it was way more to it than just the issue of proposing. All the last episodes they were arguing, debating and crying when they had time together. She was almost pleading with him. How do you have a healthy relationship with someone when this is all you spend your time doing. With Bryan however there were laughs and light hearted time, joy +++ That's something to build on. And I think that's what she meant when she said that there were other deep rooted issues as well. I mean their relationship turned dark and got stuck in the darkness. Also in the end, he said he would do the ultimate sacrifice for her and propose, but at that point I think she didn't feel the chase anymore and didn't want him anymore. Because I think she didn't enjoy her time with him just the chase. and she realised that in that moment.

  9. I just saw on yahoo Rachel calling Peter manipulative.
    Rachel need to stop with that shit cause Eric could get nasty and talk about race.
    Rachel need to have some dignity if you happy with your man be happy
    She couldn't even answer Peter when he asked her right here right now are you sure I am the man the want to spend the rest of your life with she could not answer.
    The more she attack Peter the more it will look like just the way ABC edit it that Peter is the one she wanted and she settled.
    Somebody talk to Rachel before she make a complete idiot of herself.

  10. The racists and male identified bitches who are thirsty for fantasy dick they will never get are coming out. Fucking low iq idiots.
    I wish Rachel and Bryan the best. ❤

  11. People shouldn't apply for jobs that they are not qualified for. Peter knew the stakes and the expectations should he should never have agreed to be a contestant on the show. Stop feeling sorry for Peter; he's no victim. Why are people drawn to drama, heartache, and disappointment.

  12. i feel Peter would make a great bachelor and i feel Rachael really has not let go ……Peter did not give in to the pressure of getting engaged at the end….love takes time to grow and he wanted to be sure and there was nothing wrong with that….i hope he is the next bachelor…..he was in love with her but that does not mean he should put a ring on it…that is a very private thing between two people not the world to see !!!!!

  13. She wanted a ring so bad. Too bad. Peter was the real deal. Have fun with your mother-in-law Rachel if you even get to the wedding. LOL Mama dearest wont let her boy go that easily.

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