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The Defenders – Review

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The SJ News teams breaks down it’s thoughts on Marvel’s The Defenders mini-series on Netflix.

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26 thoughts on “The Defenders – Review

  1. Great review you two hosts should do more comics focused stuff. You both have strong comics knowledge maybe something for new readers to jump in.

  2. I loved Sigourney Weaver's character so much, but I hate how she died. Not only did it feel a little cheap (and the thought of how much she must cost did cross my mind), but it didn't have any real emotional impact, especially because they JUST did the exact same thing with Luke Cage, in a much better scene.

  3. I really wanted more.. if anything this season deserved 13 episodes not just the 8 it got. there should have been more interactions with each "finger" of the hand and then had them have more epic battles.. overall I really did enjoy it just wish there was more and looking FWD to what is to come.

  4. @4:305:30, you guys remember that Alexander kinda rushed the other fingers of the Hand into it, right? Maybe they did have other plans for such circumstances, they were scattered when the timetable got moved up.

  5. The acting was on point in this show. I really think Finn Jones does a good job at the character he's given. Not defending him because he's a rich kid but he was orphaned at 10 and raised by monks and not nannies all his life. He comes back and doesn't have a guide and uses his wealth to benefit people and save the world so I don't understand the hate. I like a character that isn't clued up. Luke Cage was the most rounded and sure of himself at the end of his series so I didn't expect an overarching development because he was the most sure of his path. Jessica was brilliant as was Matt. The line outside Midland Circle when Matt shows up in his suit was perfect. Loved Misty, Stick, Claire and Colleen. Suwandei was great and wanted to see more. Wish Alexandra had been introduced sooner in a series cause Sigourney Weaver showed why she's an acting force. You can never have enough Madame Gao in a Marvel Netflix show. The writing can always be better developed but overall I'm so happy with this series and can't wait to see them all together again.

  6. 8 episodes is not a solution, it's a problem. The story was being carried just fine and seemed like they hit a point were they though "hey, we have 2 episodes left, we gotta wrap this up somehow".
    Not saying it should have 13 episodes (which we all would watch anyway, its Marvel/Netflix!) but 10 could have worked better for this show.

  7. Internet, I have a question that has been bugging me in the final episode.. towards the end.. SPOILER… When Luke, Jessica and Danny emerge from the hole and meet up with Coleen and Co. they are told that the bomb has been triggered and wanted to head back down to get Daredevil… but then the cops storm in, suddenly Luke steps up and says something like "I'm sorry, I can't let this happen" Cut to the next scene, everyone is running out of the building cause the bomb was about to explode.. The question is what couldn't Luke allow to happen??? Cause it went unanswered. Did I miss something or was that an error in editing?? Enlighten me please!

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