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These Adorable Moments Between Barack Obama & Kids Will Melt Your Heart

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President Obama has such a way with children, you might even call him the baby whisperer!

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36 thoughts on “These Adorable Moments Between Barack Obama & Kids Will Melt Your Heart

  1. Eight years which you (USA) had a president; which the international community was happy to work longwise with, do business and proud to say he and the country were an ally – now you've someone who doesn't deserve to have the title – let alone be associated.

  2. As a US Army Veteran, Sergeant, 9th Infantry Division and having reported to general Alexander M Haig at Nato Command 75-77 as well as Lt General Charles P Otstott my supervisor I shall MISS PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA VERY MUCH. He is highly intelligent. Taught 'Constitutional Law' and carried himself as a PRESIDENT should. Looking and studying Trump I want to "VOMIT" daily and every day "ASK WHY?" This country made a terrible mistake. Electoral College must be destroyed. it is CORRUPT. They 'Installed a RUSSIAN MOLE and Billionaire Mafia in power and Trump and his family are USING THE WHITE HOUSE AND OVAL OFFICE AS A "POWER BASE TO FURTHER MAKE THEM WEALTHY". PERIOD!!! Trump does not care about anyone but, HIMSELF. Psychiatrists worldwide have studied Donald j Trump and they are ALL convinced Trump will "RESIGN " from the pressures of office and the INVESTIGATIONS LEADING TO RUSSIAN MOB LOANS. V PUTIN CONTACTS AND PHONE CALLS TO PUTIN FROM TRUMP GIVING OUT "CLAASIFIED INFORMATION" AND WORSE. HIS "BILLIONAIRE MAFIA" WILL RESIGN TOO!!! WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT…Trump owes V Putin BIG TIME. Putin has Tapes, Videos and Conversations on Trump. It would destroy the fool. Donald Trump needs PSYCHIATRIC CARE. He truly does. He is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. THIEF. PROFITEER $$$. POWER HUNGRY FOOL LIKE N KOREAN LEADER, V PUTIN,. STALIN, DUERTE, AND OTHER "DICTATORS". TRUMP IS PISSED HE CANNOT JUST HAVE HIS ENMIES "SHOT'" LIKE THEY DO IN NORTH KOREA. IT UPSETS TRUMP. HE DEMANDS. DEMANDS THE WORLD LISTEN TO EVERY WORD AND "FOLLOW HIS BULLSHIT". IT IS A "SICKNESS". AMERICA IS BEING DESTROYED "FROM THE INSIDE OUT" AND ANYONE BELIEVING THE "LIES" IS INVOLVED IN THE DESTRUCTION OF USA. CO-CONSPIRATORS. SHAME ON YOU ALL. "$$$$$$$ FOLLOW THE MONEY $$$$$$$$. WITH DONALD TRUMP AND HIS CHILDREN "$$$$$$$$ FOLLOW THE MONEY $$$$$$$$. IMPEACH THIS ASSHOLE. HE'S ANTI-AMERICAN AND A FUCKING COWARD. GF, US ARMY VETERAN, SGT., 9TH INFANTRY DIV. AIRMOBILE-VIETNAM

  3. Mr. Obama, you were a great President and human being . My son when he was 5 recognized your photo he said bam bam and now at 7 he still bam bam, and so, forever you will be bam bam in our home.  Let you, Michelle and the girls be safe, happy and most of all healthy through out the remaining years of your lives.   Blessings always

  4. This is a true man. Lovable, caring, respectful, responsible, the whole world must love him for being such an inspirational and wonderful human being. And the best part is the way he looks at his beautiful wife.

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