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Tim Allen Exposes What’s Going on in Hollywood! (2017)

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Tim Allen Exposes Liberals in Hollywood 2017…Illuminati The Entertainment Industry Exposed Jason A

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40 thoughts on “Tim Allen Exposes What’s Going on in Hollywood! (2017)

  1. Tim all is my hero and always liked him. I like people who stand by their words. And go against the river if you have to.
    I lost my job and I think it was because I was a person who did not agree in all the decisions we had to take in my job.
    I'm actually glad I lost my job.

  2. conservatism isn't terrible, it's the president. the dumbass who represents you. and when republicans try and justify and back everything this guy has done and said on the mere principle that they're finally "winning" in the government it's hard not to look at the person and tell them "you're a childish piece of shit. grow up."

  3. hey tim the anunnaki built u and me they believed in a god that created them there may be truth to that but until we get to sit down with them and talk to them the gods who created us (to dig for gold I might add) we will not know,,, so look back later than the bible u will find the truth about humanity

  4. Politics is nothing more than the elite rich vs everyone else, but dished up as left wing vs right wing. That is why no matter who gets in, NOTHING changes. It is another tool used to divide us against ourselves. Stop listening to your government. A healthy dose of anarchism is required. Fuck political correctness and fuck censorship.

  5. I am NOT defending ABC IF it is true that they really did cancel, ' Last Man Standing ', due to their own disapproval of Allen's conservative views-BUT-The problem with that accusation is that Allen's other show, ' Home Improvement ', itself ran for eight seasons on the very SAME network, and no one else there ever had a prob with Tim's politics???

    Moreover, ' LMS ' was (reportedly) not even owned by ABC in the first place, but by notoriously conservative FOX, so IF ABC really cancelled, ' LMS ' solely for political reasons, then are we to believe that the good and like-minded folks at big F made NO effort to make a place on THEIR network, for someone who shares THEIR views???

    So there just might be more to all this…

  6. whats the problem with obamacare ….??? i mean some million people get medical aid even if their unemployed. Its good or what do you think???? tell why people are ubset about obamacare. Come on the tax arent that much to finance obamacare

  7. Lets be real. Who are the owners of Hollywood? It is the same people who own the MSM and are attacking Trump. It is zionist communist globalist godless jews. These idiots are going to screw us and the normal jews of the world. Makes me sick!!

  8. You can not have an opinion in the U.K., can not object to anything the Government wants, will be arrested if you speak your own mind!,..that is how it is in the U.K.,…freedom is dead ,democracy is dead,police state is coming, civil war will follow,. God help us all!

  9. I complained at a Costco about a man in a dress peering at me through the crack in the door. The woman told me to lower my voice and even the friend I was with said I can't complain about that……

  10. 30s Germany: Actual killings done at the state level against thousands of people

    2017 Hollywood: A winery asks you to leave because you wont stop screaming "Ngger" at everyone

    Yeah totally the same.

    Fuck you Tim Allen.

  11. "When I grew up, those things weren't called racist" Clint Eastwood.
    Yes fuckface! Because when you were growing up if you called someone a racist they'd take it as a compliment. I knew Eastwood wasn't a sharpest knife in the drawer but that's the dumbest racist argument I ever heard.

  12. The problem is the liberal/conservative label.
    When people start focusing on what's right or wrong, maybe then things will change for the better. The left vs right bullshit only keeps the people divided.
    Each side is equally corrupt, each side lies to the people and each side protects themselves well before the people.

  13. attributing the title " The Builder, " to The FATHER of Isreal, is masonic. Wake up Jason A. You make good vids, but you need to step back and examine Christianity through the lens of The FATHER'S Word. Sunday worship is Roman. It stems from Babylonian Sun worship. Holidays are pagan in origin. The Seventh Day Sabbath has always been the sign, or mark, of The FATHER'S Chosen People. I pray that the petty distractions of this world's society and media don't keep you from waking up and really doing a Mighty Work for YHWH. Shalom

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