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Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models

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Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models

Being curvy is sexy and it’s especially refreshing to see a celebrity love their body and celebrate different body types. Some of the most outspoken body positive celebrities include Amy Schumer, Kate Winslet, Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato, Ashley Graham, Adele and Kelly Clarkson. In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Body Positive Celebrity Role Models

  1. I’m pretty insecure about my body (even though it’s really just my stomach
    i’m ashamed of). But lately I’ve accepted it and started early bikini
    shopping ^_^ It’s my body and It’s time I embrace it.

  2. I find ‘body positivity’ to be an interesting issue. Firstly, I do see the
    objection that being overweight or obese does increase your risk of
    negative health outcomes and, more to the point, if you start gaining
    weight but don’t recognise it as a problem until you are very far down the
    line, it makes it even more difficult to tackle the issue.

    That being said, woman are fat shamed so much more than men that I tend to
    think that, for a lot of people, the ‘healthy’ thing is just a cover. There
    are lots of overweight or obese male celebrities whose weight is rarely, if
    ever, mentioned. And if it is they are more often stereotyped as awkward
    and cuddly rather than disgusting or ‘fat pigs’. That feeds into the whole
    problem of unrealistic beauty standards for women.

    So yeah. Two seperate issues. A. Tackling unrealistic female beauty
    standards and B. Tackling obesity. Unfortunately, they do come into
    conflict sometimes. Which is why I get uncomfortable when very large women
    are paraded as images of ‘body positivity’ although, obviously, if a female
    celebrity does happen to be obese it doesn’t mean they are obligated to
    hide away from the world.

  3. I hate Lena Dunham. She doesn’t have any actual talent. I’m really shocked
    that such a mediocre person is praised by critics and has Emmys and Golden
    Globes. She’s not a comedian (not funny), not an actress (plays only
    herself), not a writer (diaries aren’t books).

    I like Melissa McCarthy but all her heroines are the same, clumsy and
    vulgar (funny though).

    Ashley’s face is beautiful, her body isn’t. I’m curvy myself but to me
    “curvy” is J Lo/ScarJo figure, not Graham’s. Sorry but she’s overweight.

  4. What you people call “plus size” in America really confuses me. Where I’m
    from Ashley Graham would be considered, and is a curvy beauty, there is
    nothing “plus size” about her.

    1. This woman is definitely plus size. Not obese but overweight. There are
      pictures of her with Rita Ora and you can see the difference between curvy
      and overweight. She also has very short and fat legs.

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