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TOP 16 Celebrities Who Will Leave USA After Donald Trump Victory

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So, Donald Trump become the 45th U.S. President after defeating Hillary Clinton.

Hollywood most progressive celebrities pledge to move out of United States of America, if Donald Trump become the next president of USA. And this has been true. Donald Trump became the president of USA.

Here are the list of Top 16 Celebrities who commit to leave USA if Donald Trump wins the president chair in different interview. So, lets see if these 16 celebrities are keeping their commitment and leaving USA.

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33 thoughts on “TOP 16 Celebrities Who Will Leave USA After Donald Trump Victory

  1. I want them to get the fuck out of here……lying bitches….Canada don't want these snowflakes, send them to mexico it's warmer there…look in the dictionary under ugly and you'll see woopie.oh by Samuel l jackson…handlers a wasted cunt…all dried up…

  2. Please leave..they all suck ..I liked Al when he was fat a sandwich. yo-yo can leave to ..George Lopez sucks.. Peele Should stay..hes pretty hilarious..Neve WHO? Whoopi is so obnoxious and thinks she's so important.. Samuel Jackson is a racist.. he needs to go ..Cher would've been nothing without Sonny.. Stew just isn't funny..GO .. Schumer used yo be funny but is now obnoxious Lena who ? Miley ? yea .. She's stable..listem to her.. Barbara is just against all republicans and is another person who thinks that her opinion matters.. What these people have in common is they think their opinion matters much more then everyone else's. They are for no border wall but have there fences and security systems .. real life doesn't touch them .. PLEASE LEAVE

  3. just talking junk…. y'all need to quit lieing and get to beating your feet… show us you mean buiness by leaving… yeah right we know that you have to eat your words..

  4. Especially Lopez. Did you go back to Mexico? Liar. They are all hypocrites! Lol pigs in the shit! Lol fuck off Whoopie! Bitch. Jackson nobody is going to stop your move. Chelsea stinks'

  5. Celebrities live in cloud cuckoo land and no nothing of poverty and peoples opinions, i have gone off the mainstream media and the 21st century celebrities of hypocrisy. Can't stand none of these bob geldof celebrities, that show contempt towards the western working class and do not understand your plight. From now on i will show these rich celebrities my contempt towards them, by not watching any of their films or putting my hard earned money towards their mansions……

  6. Whoopi is an idiot! She wont be on tv much longer! Neither will joy behar. The View: where five women argue with their guest about their book which none of them have read!!! Its ridiculous. Their View! Not intelligent or popular although they think it is! Wrong! Watch your numbers decline.

  7. Please leave!!!! Its weak now that its become obvious you only said it because you never thought it would happen. And we are all so rascist but all you libs wanted to run to canada. Why not Mexico?

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