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Tyler Posey Says Scott & Stiles “Miss Each Other” & Teen Wolf Finale Gets Extended

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Tyler Posey says Stiles and Scott miss each other, plus we’ve got some good news for Teen Wolf fans to help soothe those end-of-series blues!
As bummed as we are that Teen Wolf is coming to an end, a new interview with the cast has given us some much-needed silver linings…

Tyler Posey and his Teen Wolf cast mates recently spoke to E! And Entertainment Weekly about everything from the latest hookups on the show to how they feel about the series coming to an end next month.

Tyler spoke to E! about the friendship between Scott and Stiles, and how great it is that the best buds are getting to reunite this season, thanks to Dylan O’Brien’s unexpected return to the show. He said of the bromance QUOTE, “This is definitely Scott and Stiles’ most mature friendship this season, if that makes sense…They’ve been through a lot with each other. They’ve had time away from each other now, so they know the importance of one another, the weight of them being separated. They really miss each other.”

Awww and we’ll really miss them together!

On a much lighter note, Shelley Hennig teased to EW that her character Malia is gonna be naked in one of her last scenes, which, ya know, probably won’t hurt those series finale ratings…
And as far as how it felt to have the whole gang back for the last emotional episode, Tyler gave a perfect, heartfelt response…
He needs to stop being so cute because it’s only making this worse!

As for the series finale, it’s officially going down on Sunday, September 24th, and according to the air schedule it’s going to be a whopping 50 minutes long! So even though it’s a total bummer that the show is wrapping up, at least it’s going to be a longer episode, right?! Hopefully it’s because they’re making sure all of the loose ends are tied up before we have to say goodbye to Scott, Stiles, and everyone else in the Teen Wolf cast, forever. Or at least until they all make cameos in an inevitable spin-off series…

Alright guys now I wanna know what you think of the Teen Wolf cast’s interview, and what do you want to see happen in the series finale? Let me hear all your thoughts in the comments below, and after that click over here to hear Nina Dobrev talk about why she really left The Vampire Diaries. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, and of course be sure to subscribe! I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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